Teachers’ Struggle: Sleeping at School to Demand 3-Month Salary Arrears

In a powerful display of solidarity, 17 dedicated teachers employed by the Board of Management (BoM) of Marereni Secondary School in Kilifi County have taken a bold stance. Frustrated by the prolonged delay in receiving their salaries, these educators have chosen to sleep within the school premises since Friday, demanding their rightful three-month salary arrears.

Mwasambu Pole, one of the teachers, expressed their dire situation, stating that even the non-teaching staff members were grappling with the consequences of the payment delays. The teachers were compelled to take this drastic measure after the school’s principal, Mr. Amin Mohamed Karanja, informed them that the institution lacked the funds to pay them.

Addressing the media on Saturday morning, the teachers voiced their anguish, revealing the profound impact of this financial crisis on their lives. The delayed salaries have left them unable to meet basic needs such as house rent and medical expenses, creating a desperate situation for their families.

Pole highlighted a distressing situation: “The school principal issued a notice indicating that we will be paid in January. We, as BoM teachers, have been forced to teach with no pay for several months.” This situation has left them in a precarious position, struggling to make ends meet during this holiday season.

Annet Munga, another teacher, shared a heart-wrenching account of her struggle, revealing that she is on the brink of eviction due to rent arrears. The financial strain has forced her into a harrowing game with her landlord, reflecting the dire circumstances faced by these educators.

Munga lamented, “We came on Friday when the school was closing and hoped we would be paid, only to be slapped with a memo telling us to wait until next year. How will we survive during this long holiday without pay?” Many teachers, in a bid to survive, have resorted to menial jobs such as operating boda bodas and burning charcoal.

Despite their valiant efforts, attempts to engage with the school principal proved futile, as journalists were denied entry into the school compound. The teachers persisted, spending the night within the school premises, demanding that they be paid before the principal’s departure.

This poignant protest sheds light on the challenges faced by dedicated educators, urging the government to intervene promptly. The teachers’ unwavering determination serves as a stark reminder of the importance of recognizing and valuing the tireless efforts of those shaping the future generation.

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