What Is The Cost Of Nissan Tiida In Kenya?Current Prices

Are you trying to find out which vehicle to buy? Rather are you trying to see if you can finally own the vehicle of your dream? If that is the case in either way, then have you ever thought of owning a Nissan Tiida? This is one of the best vehicle one can purchase. A lot of people around the world prefer Nissan Tiida to it’s competitors. This is because it is manufactured in a way that it provides all the comfort according to the users preference.

Nissan Tiida has 5 number of seats which makes it friendly for one with a small family, it’s engine capacity is from 1,498-1,797cc, normally, it has a drive type of AWD/FF, and finally a maximum power of 109-128fps. Those are the features that make Nissan Tiida an option.

Cost of Nissan Tiida in Kenya ranges from ksh.485,000 to ksh.2.95Million.

Nissan Tiida prices vary  because of several factors such as the condition of the vehicle and the model type among others.

Nissan Tiida Latio price ranges from ksh.1.15Million to ksh.2.3Million.

Price of Used Nissan Tiida in Kenya

The price of used Nissan Tiida in Kenya begins from as low as ksh.485,000. Getting a used one could also be an option if your budget is really fixed. You can later on upgrade to a new one in the future.

New Nissan Tiida models are an upgraded and updated version of the old model. They contain some modifications that old models lack. Modifications are done to suit users’ preferences. Some users prefer old models to new models and vice versa. 

I hope this review has helped you understand all about Nissan Tiida and that you got relevant answers to all your questions. Always check us out for more information on other vehicle models.

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