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Among the vehicles that Nissan never regrets manufacturing is the Nissan Wingroad. This vehicle is designed in such a unique way that makes it even more attractive. Its interior is unique and comfortable. It’s shape on the other hand makes it attractive and very stable on the road. If you have a family, then Nissan Wingroad is the best alternative for you. In the past few years, Nissan Wingroad made higher sales as compared to other Nissan vehicles.

Nissan Wingroad uses a drive type of AWD/FF, the car has an engine capacity of 1,497-1,998cc, fuel consumption of 14-17Km/L and finally a maximum power of 76-190ps. Those are it’s specs that makes the vehicle very unique.

Cost of Nissan Wingroad in Kenya ranges from Ksh.750,000 to Ksh.1.6 million.

Nissan Wingroad Engine Price in Kenya

Nissan Wingroad engine price in Kenya ranges from ksh.19,000 to about ksh.70,000 for slightly new ones. The old model is still the best. Some say old is gold but some prefer new models. Well, you can get yourself any kind of model according to your desire.

Buy Nissan Wingroad in Kenya from any Nissan car shop at very affordable prices. Alternatively, you can purchase a used one if you have insufficient funds and upgrade to a new model later.

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