Types Of Solar Water Heating Systems In Kenya

Types Of Solar Water Heating Systems In Kenya

The major types of solar water heating systems in Kenya are the Flat plate collector and the evacuated tube collector solar water heating systems.

In solar energy, a solar collector also referred to as a solar thermal collector is a device that has the capability of absorbing solar energy. In Kenya, the commonly used collector is the flat plate collector. Both the flat plate collector or the evacuated tube collector can either form a pressurized or a non-pressurized system.

Characteristics Of Solar Water Heating Systems

Your solar water heating system Kenya can either be a

  • Pressurized system
  • Non-pressurized system

a. Pressurized System

A pressurized solar water heater system requires a water pump to power the water in circulation through the solar water heater system. For instance, in hotels or places where the hot water is to be pumped to the furthest water tap, solar water heater with pressure pump is needed.

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b. Non-Pressurized System

However, in a non-pressurized solar water heater system, water moves from the tanks through gravity. You do not need pumps to pressurize the system. Thus, depending on the location of your water source, water heater tank, and the end locations such as the tanks you may need or not need a pressurized system.

Having a solar technician do a site visit to your place helps you choose the correct system domestic solar water heater or commercial solar water heating system.

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8 Difference Between Solar Water Heating System Types

1. Shape

A flat collector is flat in nature, often rectangular in shape that is commonly known as a solar panel in Kenya. The flat plate collector is often insulated with layers or glass or plastic covers.

On the other hand, an evacuated tube collector consists of tubes separated with a vacuum to minimize heat losses. Collectors are responsible for absorbing solar energy.

2. Ease Of Installation

Flat panels are much complex to install compared to evacuated solar heaters. It is because flat plates consists of heavy panels that must be securely mounted on the roof. On the other hand, evacuated heaters are light in weight and assembling the solar tubes is much easier.

3. Efficiency

Evacuated tube solar water heaters are more energy efficient compared to flat plate solar water heating systems. It is because the evacuated tubes are separated by vacuum to minimize heat loss through conduction and convention.

Note that efficiency being described is not the overall output but efficiency based on active absorber unit.

4. Absorber Area Ratio

Flat plate collectors have larger absorber area compared to evacuated tube collectors. Thus, even though you can get a similar size of both the flat or the evacuated collectors, their energy absorbing ratio vary.

5. Cost

Flat plate collectors are much cheaper than the evacuated tube solar water heating systems. Thus, flat plat collectors solar water systems in Kenya is popular due to its affordability.

Often, flat plate solar water heating systems cost 20%-40% less than the evacuated tube collector solar water heating systems in Kenya.

6. Solar Energy Sensitivity

Due to evacuated solar heaters having tube collectors, solar energy absorption can occur from a wide angel and they are effective even during rainy or cloudy days.

However, sensitivity of flat plate solar heaters is mainly dependent on correct position such as the tilt angle to maximize the heater to face direct sunlight for better efficiency.

7. Maintenance

A damaged flat plate collector requires the whole plate to be replace and can be costly. On the other hand, evacuated tubes may require a single tube to be fixed in case of damage.

8. Extreme Temperature Protection

Sometimes temperatures may be too hot or too cold perhaps freezing. When using the evacuated solar water heater, the tube like design makes freezing quite impossible compared to flat panel water heaters. The good thing is that in Kenya we do not experience extreme winter temperatures even in our coldest season.

However, in very high temperatures evacuated solar systems can overheat. In addition, unlike the flat plate solar systems that can be drained back to prevent overheating, drainback cannot occur in evacuated systems. Heat dump has to be installed in evacuated systems to prevent overheating.

Choosing Your Solar Water Heating Systems

Summary of key factors to consider before choosing either a flat plate or an evacuated tube collector.

Properties To ConsiderEvacuated Tube Solar SystemFlat Plate Solar System
Efficiency per active unitHighLow
Absorber area ratioSmallLarge
Extreme temperature stability inOverheatingFreezing
Properties of solar water heating systems

Installation of solar water heating systems accounts for several factors other than solar collectors choice. Therefore, consulting a solar technician is important to be able to accurately understand your

  • Power needs
  • Hot water needs
  • Wattage or sizing of the panels
  • Duration of the harvested energy
  • Weather patterns
  • Operation

Choosing the correct solar water heating systems ensures that your power needs are met. In most cases, apart from call consultation, a solar technician can pay you a site visit to be certain of the correct sizing and perhaps accurate installation of your solar water heating system.

Besides, solar water heater installation cost Kenya can range from ksh 8,000 to Ksh 15,000. Making a prior consultation can give you an ample time to plan ahead for your budget.

Furthermore, it is worth it to gain better guidance including places to buy solar water heaters. Purchasing high quality solar water heating system in Kenya makes you benefit from high performance. There is value for money.

Furthermore, legal sources ensure you maximally benefit freely from your warranty just in case you need more guidance after installation.

Solar Water Heating System Price In Kenya

Depending with the type of solar water heating system you decide to install, cost implications vary. The prices are not fixed as you can always get a discount and in some cases the products price is generally low that this estimate.

Using the market average prices, the table below shows a rough estimate of solar water heating system price in Kenya

Solar Water Heating System TypeCapacity of Water Holding TankSolar Water Heater Kenya Prices
Non Pressurized150LKsh. 55,000
 Non Pressurized200LKsh. 69,000
 Non Pressurized240LKsh. 78,000
 Non Pressurized300LKsh. 92,000
 Non Pressurized360LKsh. 99,000
Pressurized Tubes (Galvanized Aluminium)150LKsh. 89,000
 Pressurized Tubes (Galvanized Aluminium)200LKsh.99,000
 Pressurized Tubes (Galvanized Aluminium)300LKsh.105,000
Pressurized Tubes or Flat plate (Stainless steel)200LKsh. 125,000
 Pressurized Tubes or Flat plate (Stainless steel)300LKsh.105,000
Water heating solar panels prices in Kenya

The variations exist even with the same capacity. For instance, a 300 liter water heater price is about ksh. 100,000. Besides, you can use online platforms to compare current prices of solar water heaters.

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Exact price quotation for a solar system that meets your needs requires a consultation to be done. Besides, you can also enquire on the available cheap solar water heater capable of meeting your hot water needs. To get an exact quote based on your needs,

Solar Water Heater Brands In Kenya

The list of best solar water heater brands in Kenya is endless. Consulting a solar technitian on the best choice available can be beneficial to you. You do not need to do too much reading until you get confused just to gain knowledge that you can easily get through consultation.

The following are some of the few common brands of solar water heater brands in Kenya. They include:

1. Chloride Exide Solar Water Heaters

Chloride exide solar water heaters Kenya are among the reliable solar systems in Kenya. The water heater has a long life span of about 25 years of continuous use. Also, the heater can be use for industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

2. Ultrasun Solar Water Heater

Ultrasun solar water heater have a long life span. They can be used for various applications. Besides, the various capacity of the water heater makes them convenient for use to handle various water demands for domestic, residential or commercial use.

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3. Davis and Shirtliff Solar water heaters

Davos and Shirtliff solar water heater are high quality heaters. Besides, the solar water heater has various application. Depending with the water needs of consumer, Davis and Shirtliff solar water heater prices vary based on the heater sizing.

Best Solar Water Heating Systems Qualities To Check

The following are some of the qualities to look for or perhaps get when you install a high quality solar water heating system in Kenya from a certified personnel.

  • KEBS and EPRA quality approval
  • Long life span: most solar water heater last about 15 years
  • Resistant to hailstone, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures
  • Can work in cloudy and rainy days
  • Long heat preservation
  • Availability of warranty
  • Ease maintenance
  • Energy saving
  • Best prices in the market
  • Consumer satisfaction

Wrap Up

Types of solar water heating systems in Kenya include the flat plat and the evacuated tube solar water heating systems. Depending with the distance to pump the hot water, you may need a pressurized solar water system when no gravity can effectively pump water. Also, if gravity is sufficient to pump water, you need a pressure less water heater system. Consultation is free to seek more understanding and make an informed decision.

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