Unilever Internship Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Unilever Internship Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Unilever in Kenya is a known field that mainly deals with improvement of health and wellbeing of billions if people by sourcing all its agricultural raw materials and decoupling its growth from its environmental impact.

Unilever is among the best places for both interns and other employees to work. Other that a good pay, the company offers a great opportunities for staff to grow their profession and meet the market demands.

Unilever Kenya Internship

Does unilever pay interns?  Yes, Unilever pay interns based on the field that they are working under.

How much does Unilever pay interns? Unilever pays interns an average of Ksh.20,000 per month. This is an added advantage of working at Unilever since other organizations rarely pay interns.

Similarly, how much does Unilever pay graduate trainees is one of the arising questions today. Unilever pays graduate trainees an average of Ksh.20,000 per month.

Unilever salaries are always low for the start, it keeps stagnating for a while before it increases with a higher percentage due to increased working experience.

However, for those who have secured a permanent job after successful probation in the company, Unilever starting salary is Ksh.60,000 per month.

Unilever Salary Scale

Below is a list displaying Unilever salary scale for its employees:

Unilever Interns earn an average of Ksh. 18,000 to Ksh. 21,000

Unilever Normal employees with no ranks earn an average of Ksh. 60,000 to Ksh. 100,000

Unilever Management employees earn an average of Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh. 360,000

Unilever Internship Kericho

Vacant internship at Unilever in Kericho include:

  • Harvesting Maintenance Supervisor at Unilever in Kericho County.

Unilever Job Vacancies

To find a Unilever job, make an application through the Unilever Recruitment Portal website. Some of the available Unilever job vacancies you can apply include but not limited to:

1. Assistant Brand Manager Home Care Innovations at Unilever, Nairobi.

2. Route of Market and operations manager.

3. CMI, NRM and Growth Analyst Manager.

4. Harvesting Maintenance Supervisor at Unilever,Kericho County.

5. HR Business Partner.

6. Strategic Assistant To the Managing Director.

7. Security Manager.

8. Accountant Manager at Unilever Kenya Limited.

9. Data Scientist at Unilever.

10. Distribution Requirement  Planner.

11. Area sales Manager at Unilever- Coast.

12. Intercompany and Bank Accountant at Unilever.


Unilever Kenya Careers are worth it due to high payments at the end of the tunnel. Besides, monthly allowances are also given to all workers to cater for their expenses.

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