What Is The Cost Of Toyota Fielder In Kenya?

If you have a large family, it may be challenging to move from one place to another freely. As such, you may want to purchase a vehicle that will accommodate your family members. If that is your case, then owning a Toyota Fielder is the real deal. The vehicle is very spacious and will suit all your needs to your satisfaction.

Among the best cars that Toyota has manufactured is the Fielder. As a matter of fact, Toyota has made very huge sales on the vehicle. Most people who own the Fielder love it because of its design and shape. In addition, Fielder is very powerful as compared to its other competitors. In terms of comfort ability, it’s interior design is very attractive and suits the need of the user.

Cost of Toyota Fielder in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 1.7 million to Ksh.2.7 million. This is the cost of brand new Toyota Fielder in Kenya.

Cost of Used Toyota Fielder in Kenya

The Cost of used Toyota Fielder in Kenya may begin from ksh.680,000. That is the average cost of second hand Toyota Fielder in Kenya. However, each seller may have their own prices due to some reasons. This means that there will be variations in prices.

Toyota fielder price in Mombasa Kenya begins from 1.6Million for older models. The price keeps rising as the models keep getting new.

Types of Toyota Fielder In Kenya

There are two types Toyota Fielder in Kenya. They are hybrid and automatic. Price of Toyota fielder hybrid in Kenya begins from ksh.2.68Million.

Price of new Toyota fielder in Kenya will vary depending on the models. For instance, new models will be much expensive as compared to the older models.

I believe that this review was helpful and that you got answers to all your questions. Good luck as you search for a vehicle that will meet your needs.

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