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Before we get deeper into where to buy the acid, let us begin by understanding what it really is and what it does. Boric acid is also referred to as hydrogen borate or boracic acid. Basically, it is a weak acid.

Boracic acid uses include using it as a flame retardant, neutron absorber, and an insecticide. To humans, the acid has side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and it’s also corrosive to the eye.

Having known the benefits of boric acid, the next question would be where to buy boric acid in Nairobi? Well, continue reading the article to find more about this.

Places to Buy Boric Acid in Nairobi

The acid can be purchased at various places, as indicated below.

  • Rafiki Pest Control Limited
  • Imagine Care
  • Impact Chemical Limited.
  • Men Max Supplements

These are just but a few places where you can buy the boric acid from.

Also, you might be curious about boric acid suppositories, especially where to buy them from. If that is the case, then continue reading to find out more.

Where to Buy Boric Acid Suppositories

The question of where to buy boric acid suppositories in Kenya shouldn’t be a bother to you anymore. The suppositories can be purchased at:

  • Malibu pharmacy.
  • Greanna pharmacy.
  • Global chemist.
  • Berur chemists.

By visiting the mentioned places, you will be able to get the boracic acid suppositories.

You may be wondering how much boric acid costs in Kenya. Well, a 250g boracic acid powder costs an average of KSH 297. It is affordable, isn’t it?

Use of Boric Acid to Kill Cockroaches

Using boric acid to kill cockroaches is the simplest thing you can imagine. For instance, just sprinkle the acid on the cockroach and it will instantly kill it.

If you have been having cockroaches in your home, then their life should be ended as early as now. As mentioned in the article, boracic acid will work better in achieving the goal.


The review has clearly described what boracic acid is and where to get it. Hopefully, the answers provided to your questions were satisfactory and appropriate according to your desire. If that is the case, implement the use as early as now and see the fascinating results.

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