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Before we delve into our main concern, let us first define dry ice. Dry ice is essentially the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is typically used as a cooling agent. Furthermore, dry ice can be used in theatres to create cinematic and dramatic effects as well a cooling agent; these are some of the uses of dry ice.

It was given the name dry ice because it does not melt as easily as wet ice. Dry ice, on the other hand, decomposes into carbon dioxide gas.

Your main interest may be to know where to buy dry ice in Nairobi. Well, you have come to the right site, where you will find all the information that will be beneficial to you.

Some of the places to buy dry ice in Nairobi, Kenya include Carbacid Depot and Kitchen ThirtySeven.

Dry ice cleaning Kenya include the use of vacuums, dry ice cleaning machines, and high pressure cleaners. Dry ice cleaning is the most preferred cleaning methods for removing stains and dirt on surfaces.

Where to Buy Carbacid in Kenya

Carbacid is another name for dry ice. Also, there is company known as Carbacid that is considered the largest supplier of pure and natural carbon dioxide in East Africa. Carbon dioxide has many advantages and uses. For example in soda companies such as coca cola, carbon dioxide is used to preserve the drink.

Carbacid is available in Nairobi as well as Carbacid depots too. The depots provide all Carbacid products.

Carbacid Kenya contacts is +254 (020) 535086

Where to Buy Ice Cubes

Kitchen ThirtySeven is one of the best places you can purchase ice cubes at very affordable prices in Kenya.

In summary, there are many places where dry ice are sold in Kenya. You can go ahead and buy dry ice from a nearby place and enjoy its many benefits.

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