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Knowing your health status is very important, especially in terms of diseases such as HIV. Unlike during the past, when you had to be injected so that your blood could be taken for testing, nowadays no injection is required.

Thanks to new technology, we now have an HIV test kit, which is simpler and doesn’t necessarily consume a lot of time. Wondering where you can buy the HIV test kit in Nairobi? Well, I’ve got your back.

Places to Buy HIV Test Kit in Nairobi

Where to buy HIV test kits in Nairobi might be your concern. If that is the case, then no need to worry.

Here is a list of some of the best places to buy HIV test kit:

  1. Portal Pharmacy.
  2. Two Rivers.
  3. Goodlife Pharmacy Nairobi Mega.
  4. National AIDS and STIs Control Programme.
  5. Bioscope Laboratory Supplies Ltd.

Price of HIV Self-Test Kit

You may want to be in a position to know how much an HIV test kit is at Clicks. Well, the kit costs R195.00. On the other hand, HIV test kit prices in Nairobi may begin at as low as Ksh. 400 on average. That is the HIV self-test kit price on average. 

The “Chukua selfie” kit price in Kenya is Ksh.450. On the other hand, the price of an Oraquick HIV test kit in Kenya is Ksh. 590. 

Getting an HIV test kit from a pharmacy is not a hard nut to crack. Almost every pharmacy has this product. Your health matters, and that is why they ensure a uniform supply of HIV test kits. You can get the kit at the nearest pharmacy without hesitation.

Mydawa is an online pharmacy that offers a variety of products to help maintain human health. For instance, Mydawa HIV test kits are available and in stock at very good prices. Mydawa also ensures that they sell up-to-date medicine since they care about one’s personal health. 


I believe that everything you need to know about HIV test kits is in this article. Furthermore, you now have clear information on where you can buy an HIV test kit in Nairobi. Get yourself the kit and know your status as early as possible.

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