Where to Buy Hose Pipe in Nairobi, Solved & Explained!

Hose pipes play an important role in terms of water supply. Farmers, for instance, are among the common people that benefit from using them. You may, however, be a farmer, but you don’t have a solution for how to supply water to your farm. Well, if that is the real case, then try considering purchasing a hose pipe. There are a lot of hose pipes for sale country-wide.

Your main point of interest may be where to buy hose pipe in Nairobi. Worry no more since, by the end of this article, you will have all the answers to your questions.

Here are some of the places where to buy hose pipes in Nairobi:

  1. Brivy Hardware Supplies.
  2. Nairobi Central Hardware Ltd.
  3. Hembin Hardware Ltd.
  4. Pipe Manufacturers Ltd.
  5. Hydraulic Hoses & Pipe Manufacturers Ltd.

Various Types of Hose Pipes

There are different types of hose pipes. They do, however, have variations in terms of prices. Here is the water hose pipe price list Kenya.

  • Kingfisher 15 meter garden hose pipe : Ksh.890.
  • Hose pipe clear 120ft ¾”: Ksh.2,700.
  • ½ inch hose pipe price is Ksh.4,225 per 50mtrs. 

Hose pipe price per meter may vary depending on the quality and the type.

Hose Pipe Suppliers Kenya

There are a variety of hose pipe suppliers in Kenya. They have a duty to ensure that there is a uniform supply of hose pipes across different regions. The suppliers also have delivery hose pipe guys who will help in terms of door-to-door delivery service if one needs it. 


Let me believe that you have a clear idea of where to buy hose pipes in Nairobi. In addition, I also believe that you are content in terms of prices and types. Were the answers to your questions satisfactory? Have good luck with whatever you are going to do. 

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