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Diabetes has caused a lot of people to lose their peace in the recent years. A lot of money has been spent on treating the victims instead of using it to improve the living standards. Scientists and medical experts, however, came up with a solution to deal with diabetes mellitus. They came up with an insumed drug that is administered orally.

It was later discovered that it helped in the treatment of diabetes. Insumed also prevents thyroid problems, muscle pain, works against diarrhoea, and also prevents vomiting.

Are you interested in knowing where to buy Insumed in Kenya? Well, before the end of this article, the answer to your question will be provided.

Here are a list of places where you can buy insumed in Kenya:

  1. MYDAWA online pharmacy
  2. Mens Max Supplements
  3. Greenshop

 These are some of the places where you buy insumed in Kenya.

Insumed Tablets & Herbal

Insumed tablets in Nairobi are much available especially in pharmacies and chemists. The tablets go at an affordable prices. Shops that sell them normally ensure that they are up to date. Insumed tablet is mostly used to reduce High blood sugar levels . 

Insumed herbal is also a solution to your problems. In fact, other people would prefer herbal rather than tablets. The thing still remains that all serve the same purpose. Whether in injection form, herbal form or tablet form. 

Is insumed the same as metformin? The answer is yes. Insumed is also referred to as metformin hydrochloride.

Insulin Pen

Are you trying to find out insulin pen prices in Kenya? If yes then you are at the very right place. You can get the best insulin pen for a price starting from Ksh. 3,000. 


Let me hope this review was helpful to you and of great importance. Since you now have clear information on where to buy insumed in Nairobi, you can improve your health by prioritising in buying the drug. 

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