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Just for the case of valuing our culture, cloth production companies from Kenya have never stopped producing traditional clothes day by day. Traditional attire is important and it makes us remember our past.

The western culture, however, took over, thus making the traditional culture fade away. There are many communities with different types of traditional dress. Our main focus today, however, will be the Kikuyu. This is a community that has mostly inhabited the central region. They have different attires for different events. 

Let us now move on to our main concern for today, and that is the question of where to buy Kikuyu traditional dresses:

  1. Kipeo African wear
  2. Naomi Designs.
  3. Bibi Harusi Kenya.
  4. Jiji online shop.
  5. Jumia online shop.

These are where to get Kikuyu traditional dresses. The mentioned places are also among the ranked places where you can find Kikuyu traditional attire for ladies. 

Kikuyu Traditional Attires

There are a lot of Kikuyu traditional attire names. Some of which include shuka. This type of attire was commonly worn by women in general. They were large and square in shape. It came in two colours mostly, and those were red and blue. 

Kikuyu traditional ceremonies were highly valued and ranked. They had to wear Kikuyu traditional ornaments and Kikuyu traditional shirts. This was a sign of their desire to make their culture move. Up to date, you can still get their attire, shirts, and ornaments in museums and shops. 

Kikuyu Ruracio Dresses

Kikuyu ruracio dresses are available at good prices. They are mostly worn during wedding events and are thus also referred to as Kikuyu traditional wedding attire. You can easily get them directly from the shops. Alternately, you can visit a tailor and they will still do the job for you. 

Kikuyu Traditional Footwear

Kikuyu traditional footwear is still respected even now. During the past, footwear was highly valued and signified a lot of things. At some point, footwear was a sign of beauty. When you pay a visit to different shops, you won’t miss the footwear. 


Let me hope that all the answers I provided to your questions were helpful and satisfactory. I also believe that you have a clear idea and knowledge of Kikuyu traditional clothes, among other things. You can buy the Kikuyu traditional clothes from any of the mentioned places in Nairobi today.

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