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Leather is a very useful resource, obtained mostly from cow skin. Leather was used even in the early days. They used leather as clothing and bedding. Nowadays, leather is used for many purposes.

Since there are leather industries in Kenya, anything can be made out of it, including shoes, handbags, and sofa set covers, among other things. Leather is always considered strong and durable. Leather work in Kenya is very profitable and you can end up making a lot of profits.

Let us get started on where to buy leather in Kenya. You might be in need of buying some leather but you do not have an idea of where to buy them.

Places to Buy Leather in Kenya

Here is a list of some of the places where you can buy leather in Kenya:

  1. Ngenia Leather Dealers.
  2. House of Leather & Gifts
  3. Pattori Leather Goods.
  4. Azu’s Leather Limited.

These are the common places where to buy leather in Kenya. You can also get leather material in Kenya from these places.

Where to buy leather fabric in Kenya: Wazawazi leather store, the fabric gallery, and Memsaab Limited are places where you can buy leather fabric in Kenya. 

Leather Working Tools

Leather tools are very important, especially if you deal in leather production equipment. Having leather tools helps in the smooth running of activities and so on.

Your concern may, however, be where to buy leather tools in Kenya. Leather Industries of Kenya, Jumia online shop, and Jiji are some of the places to buy leather tools.

Where to Buy Leather Handbags

Here is a list of where to buy leather handbags and other leather gifts in Kenya:

  1. House of Leather & Gifts-Adams Arcade.
  2. Coblantra Retail Ltd.
  3. Wazawazi leather store.
  4. Leather Industries of Kenya.
  5. Online shops such as: Jumia, Jambo shop, Jiji, and Ubuy.

These are some of the stores that sell leather handbags and other gifts. These are also some of the places where you can buy leather wallets in Kenya. 

The price of leather in Kenya varies depending on where you are purchasing the product from, its size, or quality. Leather prices per metre in Kenya approximately range from Ksh.2,000 to Ksh.7,000. 

Leather Tanneries in Kenya

Here is a list of leather tanneries in Kenya. 

  • Nakuru Tanners.
  • Aziz Tanneries.
  • Nairobi Tanners.
  • Leather Industries of Kenya.
  • Athi River Tanneries. 

Leather Materials

You can get leather material for sale in Nairobi at any place at cheap prices. The only thing you have to do is to ensure you take the highest quality product of them all. On the other hand, finished leather for sale in Kenya is also available in different leather stores. 

The leather industry of Kenya, Garissa Road, Thika, is among the biggest leather producing industries. They deal in a variety of leather products and sell them at good prices. 


I believe everything about leather is now clear. Since you now know where to buy leather in Kenya, you can go ahead and buy leather bags, watches, shoes, or any other leather item. Get yourself the highest quality leather and enjoy its durability. 

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