Where to Buy Mabuyu in Nairobi | Surprising Health Benefits

Before we delve into our main concern, let us begin by understanding what mabuyu really is. Mabuyu is a form of candy that is made from baobab tree fruits. In the Swahili language, the tree is called Mbuyu. This type of tree is mainly common around the coastal region of Kenya.

Mabuyu has got many health benefits. Some of these benefits include;

  • Helping in balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Being rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Its high fibre content improves digestion.
  • Helping in reducing inflammation. 

The most common places to buy mabuyu in Nairobi include: Maggie Spices and Cereals, Jamia Mabuyu, Nairobi China Town, and Nasib Spices.

Getting Mabuyu from one of the stores near you is a great option as you will be able to save on costs such as transportation.

Mabuyu Business

The Mabuyu business is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into. As long as you have enough stock and your business is located in a strategic place. You can also consider your target market. For instance, you will be able to sell the products well around primary schools.

Also, just like in every other business, patience is key for you to be successful.

If you are a business person, try considering buying Mabuyu wholesale. When bought in wholesale, you will be able to purchase in large amounts at cheaper prices. Later on, you can decide to sell them at the normal market price. Here you are assured of even higher profits. 


Let me hope that you got all the answers to your questions as required. Let me also believe that this review was very helpful and of great importance to you. You can now buy mabuyu from any of the places mentioned in this article and enjoy its health benefits. 

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