Where to Buy Neem Oil in Nairobi | 5 Leading Places!

Neem oil is a naturally occurring pesticide. The oil is basically found in neem tree seeds. Normally, it has a bitter taste. In terms of colour, it is yellow to brown. Neem oil for plants in Kenya is available.

If you are using neem oil to spray plants, then it is recommended that you do it in the morning and evening. This will greatly help in terms of protecting beneficial insects such as bees, whose main role is pollination. 

Maybe you would like to know where to buy neem oil in Nairobi. As a matter of fact, there are many places where you can buy neem oil.

Here are example of places where you can buy neem oil in Nairobi:

  1. Green Glaze Beauty.
  2. Fava Herb Shop.
  3. Neem Pharmacy Kilimani, Kenya
  4. Neem Foundation Herbal Clinic.
  5. Amalia Nutritive Supplies.

The mentioned stores are also where you can get neem oil in Nairobi.

Buy Neem soap in Kenya today and use it to make your skin even more natural. The soap has a cleanser that is antibacterial, which helps in terms of cleaning rashes and dermatitis.

Neem Oil Suppliers

Neem oil suppliers in Kenya are available across all regions. They have a full responsibility to ensure that there is a uniform supply of the product in different shops. They also ensure that the products being supplied are of good quality and up-to-date. Thanks to neem oil suppliers, they have greatly helped in terms of pesticide reduction. 


As a precaution, neem oil should be kept far from the reach of children. This is because it has a lot of side effects on them when consumed. Such side effects are drowsiness, diarrhoea, loss of consciousness, and even seizure. In some cases, it might be fatal.


I believe that this review was helpful to you and of great importance. Also, let me hope that every answer to your question was appropriately provided. Since you know where to buy neem oil in Nairobi, its side effects and uses, then nothing should stop you from owning it yourself. 

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