Where to Buy Qasil Powder in Kenya | Amazing Health Benefits

Qasil is a product extracted from the gob tree. The Gob tree is a tree whose origin is Somalia. The leaves are the ones that are grounded into powder and used as a beauty ingredient. This means that it is responsible for preventing pimples from popping on the skin. It also has healing properties. Qasil is also good in terms of balancing skin oil levels. Those are just a few of the qasil powder benefits.

Qasil powder in English was derived from the Arabic word ghasil. 

You may be interested in knowing where to buy qasil powder in Kenya. If it really is, then be sure to get an answer before the end of this article.

Where to buy qasil powder in Kenya:

  1. Fatush One Stop Shop.
  2. Taifa Beauty Store.
  3. Flairwoman Eldoret.
  4. Adeze Enterprise.
  5. Victoria Cosmetics.  

These are among the most common places where to buy qasil powder in Kenya.

Consider getting qasil powder near me as it is more convenient and time-saving.

Qasil Powder Wholesale Price

Try buying qasil powder wholesale for cheaper prices as compared to market prices. Here you will get quality products either in bulk or in small amounts at an affordable price. 

The price of qasil powder may be as low as Ksh.275 onwards. 

If you are located in Mombasa, you can’t miss a shop that deals in qasil powder in Mombasa. Take the initiative of visiting the shops physically so as to ensure you get the best quality product. 


Since you now have a clear idea of where to buy Qasil Powder in Kenya, the price, and the benefits for your skin, then nothing should stop you from buying some. Visit any beauty shop near you and you will be able to make a change to your skin. 

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