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Before we get into our main concern, let us begin by understanding what rose water is and what it does. Rose water is basically flavoured water made by crushing roses and adding them to water.

Rose water has antiseptic properties that help wounds heal faster. In terms of skin care, rose water will help soften dark spots without any sort of irritation. Those are just a few of the benefits of rose water. 

Your main concern may be, however, where to buy rose water in Nairobi. If that is it, then you are in the very right place.

  1. BeautyClick.
  2. Glowskin Cosmetics Kenya.
  3. Dew Point Naturals.
  4. Face and Figure Beauty Solutions.
  5. Western Cosmetics & Supplements

These are just some of the places you can buy rose water in Nairobi.

The best places to get rose water include cosmetics and beauty shops. You can also get the products from the nearby supermarket.

Rose water price in Kenya ranges from Ksh.400 to Ksh.3,000. 

Alison Rose Water

Use Alison rose water in Kenya each day to make your skin glow and be natural. Get yourself some Alison Rose water in any quantity that you can manage to purchase. Alison’s rose water and glycerine should be your options. Just get it without hesitation.

Sheth Naturals Rose Water

Sheth Naturals rose water is among the most ranked rose waters in the country. This is because Sheth produces the highest quality products. For better performances and experiences, consider Sheth Naturals rose water as a priority. 


There are a lot of places to buy pure rose water in Nairobi. All you need is the cash, and you are good to go. It is important that you find the best rose water for your face. This will help you in terms of the good performance of your skin care and minimal risks of damage to your face.  

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