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A turkey is a large domestic bird raised for its meat and eggs in most Kenyan homes. In most cases, it is normally referred to as “kulu kulu” in the local language. Turkey meat is the sweetest meat in the bird category. Its eggs are also large and delicious.

Turkey eggs for sale in Kenya can be found across different turkey farms and turkey product shops. Turkey meat is, however, not as common as chicken meat. This feature gives turkey meat some uniqueness in terms of price and demand.

You may want to rear or eat turkey meat, but you don’t know where to start from. This brings us to the question of where to buy turkey in Kenya.

Best Places to Buy Turkey in Kenya

Here are some of the best places where to buy turkey in Kenya:

  1. Farmers Choice-Kasarani Shop.
  2. Farmers Market Kenya.
  3. City Market Shop -19(CIty Market Shop -55).
  4. Think Organic Kenya.
  5. KMP (Kenya Meat Processors).

These are the well-known stores where to buy turkeys in Kenya. KMP is among the best and most recommended places to buy turkey meat in Nairobi. Turkey meat for sale in Kenya can also be found in hotels around the city. 

Get turkey poultry for sale today from trusted online shops like Jumia and Jiji. You can also get them from poultry farms such as Matvio Poultry Farm and Kamsa Poultry. 

Turkey Farming Kenya

There are a lot of turkey farms in Kenya. Turkey farmers have good testimonies concerning the business. If you need a turkey, then you can consider visiting turkey farms for better products.

Your question may be how profitable turkey farming is in Kenya. Turkey’s profits are beyond wonders. The price you will use to sell the turkey is clearly not the price you bought it for. As a farmer, you will decide by yourself at what price the product will go at. 

There are two common turkey breeds in Kenya. That is the White Holland and Bronze.


Let me hope that this article was helpful to you and that the answers to the questions you asked were appropriately and accordingly provided. Also, let me hope that the answers were satisfactory to you. 

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