17 Business To Start With 5K In Kenya Or Less Today

17 Business To Start With 5K In Kenya Or Less Today

Are you passionate in doing business but you have a capital limitation?

Don’t worry you don’t need millions and millions of money to start your business.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

I am going to give you businesses that you can do in Kenya starting with 5k. Take a look.

1. Sell Cosmetics

Ladies like looking good as a matter of fact. Selling these cosmetics such as nail polish and lipstick can be a good beginning.

Buy the cosmetics at a giveaway price and sell them at a great profit.

2. Door Mats

Selling door mats is a business to start with 5k in Kenya. With that capital you are able to buy materials such as wool, needles, scissors mat mesh and a crotchet.

If you don’t have the knowledge on how to make the mats you can buy bundles watch tutorials and begin the work.

3. Selling Perfumes

Selling perfumes is one of the best business to start in Kenya.

It is simple all you need to do is to buy perfumes at a whole sale price of about Ksh. 100 and sell to up to Ksh.300. This brings about a massive profit.

4. Selling Baby Diapers

When you decide to begin this business around your neighborhood, a lot of mothers will appreciate.

They will be very happy since they don’t need to go far for diapers.

To start over just look for a supplier who can give you the stock. you can then sell them and get higher profits.

5. Drinking Water Distribution

You can begin this business as long as you are ready. This is what you need to do.

Go to areas where there is water shortage and tell the people what services you offer.

After the people have known what you do, you can buy water from trusted companies and sell to people.

6. SEO Services

This is known as the Search Engine Optimization.

With 5k you can help a brand be well known and make it stand out on google. It is every brand dream to be at the top.

7. Flipping Domains

Many people who want to develop websites must have domains. With this type of business be sure of earning much.

This is also a business to start with 5k in Kenya.

You are able to buy domains and sell them at very good prices. A good domain can range from about Ksh. 400 – Ksh. 1200.

8. Selling Potatoes

There are some areas where potatoes are not found easily. You will be able to buy a sack at about Ksh. 2000 and the rest you can spend on transport and other staff.

Afterwards you can sell the potatoes at a very high price and be able to realize highest profits.

9. Start A Juice Bar Business

Starting a juice bar business is not difficult. You are able to budget the money get yourself a blender, fruit peeler and the fruits.

You can then look for a strategic location where you can sell big. I am very sure you won’t regret your 5k.

10. Weight Calculation Business

When you walk around the streets you will see some people conducting the weight calculation business.

As a matter of fact, these people earn big. This is also a business to start in Kenya with 5k.

 From your budget you can use a capital of 3k to buy the weight machine. After the purchase you can then look for the best place to set up your business.

11. Manicure Pedicure Business

Looking good is every one’s dream. Be it old people or young people. With 5k you can be able to start and run this business in Kenya.

In order for you to get market you should locate your business at a busy street.

12. Delivering Groceries

You can begin to deliver groceries from your home to even bigger stores. You are good to go with 5k which will cater for the groceries and transportation cost.

After buying the groceries you can then divide them to smaller packages and earn big.

13. Become A Clown

You can decide to become a clown in parties, public gatherings, events and shows. A mascot costume can be available at Ksh.

2500. You can hire the costume for the events starting from Ksh. 3000 and above a day. Isn’t it a good business?

14. Making Home Made Strawberry Jam

Here you will need strawberries, sugar and lemons. In addition, you will require packaging plastic containers.

Your budget will cater for all those listed equipment. Eventually you will end up getting rich.

15. Customize Clothing Using African Print Fabric

You can buy hoodies or clothes and customize them with African Paint fabric. Most people do not love plain hoodies.

You may decide to make a few samples that will enable you to get started. This business runs very well in Kenya.  

16. Sell Socks And Undergarments

Do not underestimate this type of job. I personally have seen many people making it in life by selling such.

With your 5k you can go to Eastleigh Market or Gikomba buy your stock and begin the selling. With this business you will obviously get higher profits.

17. Start A Blog For Business

Starting a blog is not a difficult thing. Your determination will eventually lead to your success.

With your capital, you are able to start a blog and maintain it. After your blog picks very well, you will end up earning unbelievable real money.

Those are some of the business to start in Kenya with 5k. why don’t you try any of those businesses and end up rich?


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.


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