New Business To Start With 2k In Kenya Or Less With Profits

New Business To Start With 2k In Kenya Or Less With Profits

I am here to help jumpstart your entrepreneurial business with this list of new business to start with 2k in Kenya or even less and has high profit potential.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

Starting a business is a journey that requires risk taking. It doesn’t mean that you need millions in order to start a business.

Here are some of the business activities that you can start in Kenya with as low as 2k.

1. House Painting

House painting is one of the jobs in Kenya that you can start with at least 2k.

Here in this type of business all you need is a paint brush, little knowledge and you can start over.

There are very many construction sites around you. So, you cannot fail to get a job.

 2. Mobile Car Washing

This is one of the best businesses to start in Kenya. Many people are afraid of taking their cars to be washed at other places.

You can do this job from the car owner’s home. All you need is to plan well for your budget buy at least a brush and soap. You will end up realizing high profits.

3. Dog Training

Dog training is a good business to Start With 2k in Kenya. It is an advantage to you if you are good with dogs.

With the little amount of money you have you can start training dogs. Many people normally want their dogs to be very responsible.

You will end up getting more clients as time goes by.

4. Selling Second Hand Clothes

Here in Kenya the second-hand clothes are referred to as ‘mitumba’. This is one of the best jobs that you can start in Kenya with as low as 2k.

You can go to the sellers who sell those clothes in bulk and buy at a good price. After you have done the selling, your 2k will transform to more.

5. Selling Second- Hand Books

Books are essentials in terms of education. Different people may end up selling books at very low prices.

You can decide to buy the books. You can later on decide on what price you are going to sell the books. I assure you that you will realize even higher profits.

6. Vegetable Farming Business

This is one of the businesses to start in Kenya with as low as 2k in Kenya. You can decide to find the guy who sells those vegetables in bulk and buy them.

Afterwards you can walk in markets and decide to sell those veggies. All you need is little patience.

7. Drive Other People’s Car

Here all you need is a driver’s license and route familiarity. Also, the driving experience is key.

With this type of business, you can carry up to 50 clients a day. Isn’t that a good start over?

8. Building Websites

Are you scared of building websites due to coding? Don’t be.

Platforms such as word press have eliminated the need of coding knowledge to design websites. Here you only need a minimum of 2k to start over.

You might be lacking a computer but think of doing your job in a cybercafé. In the café you are charged at a rate of 1bob per minute.

You can design many websites and end up selling big.

9. Graphic Designing

This is a good business to start in Kenya. If you are not familiar with Photo Shop don’t worry.

There are very many You Tube tutorials explaining the idea. Honestly speaking you cannot miss any graphic designing job.

10. Apartment Preparation Service

Before tenants move in a new apartment, the landlords and landladies see a need of some few repairs.

This is one of the businesses to start in Kenya you can start with a low amount of capital. The capital is enough for you to buy few working tools for the required job.

To market yourself you can e mail the owners asking them for a job.

11. Street Fruit Selling

In the streets there are very many people who love street fruits. With this type of business, you don’t need much to start over.

All you need is a capital of 2k only. With the 2k you can budget on how much you are going to spend on the fruits and other activities.

This is also a good business to start in Kenya with 2k.

12. Consulting

This type of business depends on the area of specialty. You can begin offering the consultation services to the people around you.

Here you only need at least 2k and some little knowledge of the field of specialty. Afterwards you will end up realizing higher profits.

13. Mobile Hair Dressing

This is a very good business to start over without necessarily having a salon. All you need is some skills and experience in either braiding weaving or crotchet work.

You can offer the service to the client’s home. Later on, you can start your salon and earn great income.  

14. Start Selling eBooks

Most of the things nowadays are done through online. Selling eBooks is one of the profitable businesses you can start with 2k in Kenya.

You can buy the eBooks in bulk from a seller. You can then sell the books through online and people will end up buying your stuff.

All you need is to focus on a specific niche that people love.

The above mentioned are profitable business to start with 2k in Kenya and below. Try any of those businesses and you will end up being successful.

All you need is some little patience and a good plan to start over. I hope you got an idea or two on what business to start.


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.


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