A Matatu Fitted With A Play Station 5. These Are Some Of The Most Souped Up Matatus In Nairobi

A Matatu Fitted With A Play Station 5 These Are Some Of The Most Souped Up Matatus In Nairobi

A matatu in Nairobi County is fitted with a play station 5 isn’t that amazing?

Around Nairobi County, matatus are the most preferred and popular modes of transport. However, the sector faces a great competition.

During rush hours, that is during mornings and evenings, the matatus fill passengers over a very short period of time. Due to this situation the transportation cost is able to rise as compared to normal hours.

The reason why a lot of people prefer using matatus as a mode of transport is because they are flexible and very cheap.

Most of the matatus are fitted with systems just for entertaining the customers. others even go further pimping them just to attract customers. you will notice that these things are all done due to the high competition in the matatu sector industry.

Well, here is a thing that will really shock you. Along the Umoja route there is a very high competition on who owns the hottest matatu. This has made owners going miles ahead fitting their matatus with luxury stuff.

There is a matatu which is fitted with 32-inch televisions on the head rests of the passengers’ seats. Well, that is not so surprising you’ve probably seen such. What is so surprising is that there is a main tv screen which is 85 inches and the latest play station 5 is installed in there. Don’t you think that is amazing?

This type of modification has attracted very many clients to board those matatus. It is said that the matatus cannot stay for over 20 minutes without being full. The modifications can cost about 3-7 million shillings depending on what the matatu has been fitted with.

If tourists come around to have a taste of the matatus, who are you not to have a taste too?

Image source: ke.opera.news

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