Air Hostess Salary In Kenya | The Latest

Air Hostess Salary In Kenya | The Latest

Many a times, these air hostesses are normally referred to as flight attendants.

They are also responsible for briefing passengers about flight rules, assist passengers in deplaning, conduct post flight checks, and attend to the comfort and safety of the passenger.

One thing that grabs the attention of many Kenya is the outstanding beauty and handsomeness of the flight attendants.

Sometimes you may be asking yourself how much is an air hostess salary in Kenya? Well, the salary of an air hostess in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 46,900 – Ksh. 162,000 on monthly basis.

Air Hostess Salary In Kenya Airways

Maybe you want to know how much does an air hostess earn in Kenya per month. The one working in Kenya Airways. Here is the answer;

An air hostess salary in Kenya Airways is around Ksh. 102,000.

Air Hostess Qualifications In Kenya

First of all do you think being an air hostess is a good career? According to me it is the best. All you are doing is very simple and you enjoy many flights. Isn’t that good? To be an air hostess you need to have qualifications.

Listed below are air hostess qualifications in Kenya;

1.Excellent interpersonal skills

2. Ability to swim

3. Proficiency in use of IT

4. Must be 21 years and above

5. Minimal physical height of 5.5 ft

6. Minimum grade of C- (minus) or equivalent

7. Experience in customer care service

8. High level of personal grooming

9. Mentally and physically fit

So, for you to be an air hostess those are the qualifications you need to attain. If being an air hostess is your dream then what you have to do is to chase your dream.

I think you got clear answers on the questions you had. That is the salary of an air hostess plus a brief description of what they do and their qualifications. Now you know don’t you?

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