Airtel Zonal Sales Manager Salary In Kenya | New

Airtel Zonal Sales Manager Salary In Kenya | New

Airtel network is well known all over. It is one of the networks that provides legitimate services to its clients. In addition, the network is well known for providing the best affordable offers.

Zonal managers earn bigger salaries at the end of the month plus allowances.

What is the salary of zonal manager? Airtel zonal sales manager salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh.25,500 to Ksh.160,000 per month.

Airtel Salaries For Different Jobs

Airtel Staff salary varies. The variations might be due to the position one is in, the location one is working for the experience one has.

Airtel sales representative has a responsibility of selling products, goods or services and work with customers to ensure a smooth sales process.

Average salaries at Airtel Kenya are described below;

Customer service executive salary:  Ksh. 28,000 per month.

Business analyst salary: Ksh. 100,000 per month.

Sales executive salary: Ksh.43,000 per month.

Zonal sales manager salary:   Ksh.160,000 per month.

Airtel Customer Care

Customer care are responsible for helping customers in solving their queries. They are also responsible for walking customers through troubleshooting processes.

I am sure you want to be in a position of knowing Airtel customer care salary in Kenya. Airtel customer care salary in Kenya is Ksh. 72,000 per month on average.

Airtel Area Sales Manager

Airtel area sales manager salary is about Ksh. 45,000.

So, what is the minimum salary for sales manager? The minimum salary of Airtel sales manager is Ksh.28,000 per month.

Airtel Sales Executive

Maybe you want to know the sales executive salary in Kenya. Sales people earn high commissions when they make big sales. Airtel sales executive salary in Kenya is Ksh. 43,000 per month.

Airtel Job Vacancies

Some of the Airtel job vacancies you can apply now include:

1. Treasury manager at Airtel

2. Senior legal counsel, Airtel Africa

3. Retail area manager at Airtel

4. Cash and bank accountant at Airtel

5. Zonal sales manager at Airtel

Other places you can keep an eye for a chance of an open vacancy in Airtel include the various Airtel departments such as:

a. Enterprise

b. Marketing

c. Customer service

d. Legal and Regulatory

That is all about Airtel and salaries they pay their workers. Are you satisfied with the answers? I hope you are.

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