Mathematics And Computer Science Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Mathematics And Computer Science Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Modern world uses computer in doing various activities. Mathematics and Computer Science is a wide field that deals with the study of algorithmic processes, computational machines and computation as a whole.

First you need to know this, is mathematics and computer science marketable in Kenya? Yes, mathematics and computer science is highly marketable in Kenya due to high usage of software in the current century making these services in demand.

BSc mathematics and computer science salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.228,000 per month including all monthly allowances. Salary ranges from Ksh.100,00 to Ksh.350,000 per month all allowances being inclusive.

Mathematics And Computer Science Jobs In Kenya

Are you looking for what job can you get with a mathematics and computer science degree? Here are some of the jobs that one can apply now with a degree in this course:

1. Political Data Analyst at United Nations Nairobi.

2. Software Developer at Inceptor Kenya.

3. Software Developer at MyDokta Limited.

4. Software Developer at Adept Recruit.

5. IT Support Specialist at Exinity, Nairobi.

6. Software Engineer at Microsoft, Nairobi.

7. Computer Programmer at Embassy Of The United Nations, Kenya.

8. Software Engineer at Apollo Agriculture.

9. Programmer at Skylux Inc.

10. NCC Computing Level 3 Instructor JD at Moring School, Nairobi.

11. Software Developer at Technobrain Group Limited.

12. Software Developer at Synatech Africa.

13. Computer Science Trainer at NIBS Technical College.

14. Computer Science Teacher at Oshwal Academy.

15. Senior Soft Engineer Cloud Services at Microsoft, Nairobi.

16. Senior Software Engineer at Kyosk Digital Services.

17. Software Engineer at IBM, Nairobi.

18. Software Developer at Sharks Web Limited.

19. Senior Software Engineer at Alfluence Inc.


Mathematics and Computer Science has an added advantage due to majority of issues being done using softwares. Also, it is a good career that one can make more money after graduating. Pursue Mathematics and Computer Science and enjoy a better tomorrow.

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