Can You Transfer From One University To Another In Kenya Now

Can You Transfer From One University To Another In Kenya Now

Education is always and has always been the key to success. Through education, people end up becoming great and literate. A lot of people are always after learning, getting the relevant skills and acquiring good jobs.

Reasons For Inter University Transfer

One of the best place students normally wish to be in is in their dream university. For one reason or the other you may not land in the perfect university you desire.

However, that is not lost since its possible to change the university you have enrolled now.

Here are some reasons for inter University transfer;

1. When the schools location is not ideal

2. When one has chosen the wrong schools

3. If the living cost is high

Process To Transfer From One University To Another

So, can you transfer from one University to another? Yes. It is possible to transfer from one university to another in Kenya.This is how to transfer from one university to another in Kenya;

Step 1: Visit the KUCCPS official website

Step 2: Click the transfer tab

Step 3: click on the program option

Step 4: Mention the reason for transfer

Step 5: Pay the transfer fee

Step 6: Approval by receiving the institution

Step 7: Approval by releasing institution

Step 8: Review by Kuccps

Step 9: Receiving transfer letter

Note This When Doing Inter University Transfer

Inter university transfer letter is always given to the student after they have requested for the transfer.

KUCCPS Inter university transfer is accepted. One is able to make the transfers to any University they wish to transfer to.

KUCCPS inter institution transfer has also been opened. KUCCPS has given students a chance to transfer to TVETs and other technical Institutes.

KUCCPS inter university transfer for continuing students can be done. Basically, the inter University transfer is done online. Applicants log in to their portal and download the transfer forms.

Let me hope that this article was of great importance to you. In addition, I hope all the questions you asked for were answered accordingly.

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