Can You Transfer Money From Mpesa To Equity Account RightNow

Can You Transfer Money From Mpesa To Equity Account RightNow

Mobile banking has become famous all over. Many people prefer mobile banking due to their various reasons. Mobile banking has different advantages. One of the advantages is that mobile banking reduces long cues thus saving on time.

Can you transfer money from mpesa to equity account? Yes. Here is a simple procedure on How to transfer money from mpesa to equity bank account;

Step 1: Go to mpesa menu

Step 2: select lipa na mpesa

Step 3: select paybill option followed by a business number

Step 4: enter equity paybill number 247247 as the business number

Step 5: click account number

Step 6: Enter your equity account number

Step 7: Enter the amount you wish to spend

Step 8: Input your Mpesa pin

Step 9: confirm the transaction.

That is a very simple procedure of how to transfer money from Mpesa to equity account.

Mpesa To Equity Paybill Charges

Mpesa to equity charges are absolutely free and no money is required for the procedure.

Transfer Money From Equity To Mpesa No Equitel

You may desire to know ow to transfer money from equity bank to mpesa without Equitel, its not possible. You must access you Equity account through Equitel line to be able to transfer money from Equity bank to Mpesa.

Otherwise, you use your ATM card or go over the counter in Equity bank for more assistance.

Equity Till Number

It is now simple to acquire an equity till number. Visit the bank website and apply

Equity Paybill No

Equity paybill number is 247247.

 The paybill will help you conduct many transaction using Mpesa easily.


If you have not enrolled to mobile banking services, then you should choose equity for that case. Through mobile banking, you are able to save on a lot of things including transport and transaction costs. Mobile banking also helps you reduce the burden of walking with cash which in turn reduces theft.

Let me hope that this review was of great help and of importance to you.

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