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Coast Provincial General Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

I have complete guide for you about Coast Provincial General Hospital maternity charges, contacts, address, location, services, gynaecologist, doctors, maternity package and many more.

Health facilities are always a priority in every county. Mombasa County has been a successful region due to several amenities such as Coast General Hospital Mombasa which ensures the wellness of the citizens in that region.

It is a better place where one gets proper treatment and becomes fully satisfied.

Coast Provincial General Hospital Contacts

Phone 1: +254722207868

Phone 2: 0412314204

Coast Provincial General Hospital Address

Coast Provincial General Hospital Mombasa address is

90231-80100, Kisauni Road, Mombasa.

Coast General Hospital Location

Facility’s locality is on the North bank of the island of Mombasa in the Makadara district.

Coast Provincial General Hospital Maternity Charges

Maternity charges are well displayed in the table below:

Coast Provincial General Hospital MaternityCharges
Normal deliveryKsh.2,000
Caesarean SectionKsh.10,000
Coast Provincial General Hospital Maternity Charges

Coast Provincial General Hospital Maternity Charges

Coast Provincial General Hospital Maternity Package

 The hospital offers maternity packages such as normal delivery, Caesarean section, well baby clinics and antenatal care at an affordable price.

Normal Delivery Services

Professional midwives are available in this amenity that help women deliver without complications. Normal delivery is done at Ksh. 2,000 per woman thus very affordable.

Caesarean Section

Complicated cases such as prolonged labour highly recommends caesarean section. The facility has sterilized equipment and specialists who deal with Caesarean section to ensure the wellbeing of the mother and the baby.

Antenatal Care

Aid in monitoring the pregnancy till its due date. Doctors in this sector advise on the diet of the mother and the exercise to be done to ensure the foetus is growing healthier and normally.

Well Baby Clinics

Focuses on the wellness and prevention of diseases for the new born. This is mainly done through vaccination in order to prevent deadly diseases such as yellow fever, measles, and polio among others.           

Coast Provincial General Hospital Services

Ward Services

High number of spacious wards has led to a success in offering inpatient services who require hospitalization due to their critical condition that needs to be monitored closely. Also, there are wards for both males and females thus privacy is highly considered.

Dental Services

Having dentists in this hospital has made dental services one of the basic services in this amenity. Dental services offered here include tooth removal, tooth filling, oral x-rays, root canal treatment, fixing and removal of braces.

In order to have healthy teeth, visit coast provision general hospital for regular check-ups and further treatment in case of any condition that causes discomfort.

Pharmacy Services

This service is based on supplying the various types of medicines prescribed by the doctors. This helps patients to save on their time and money since patients will not go around the whole residence looking for the prescribed drugs which are sold at an expensive price.

General Medicine Services

General practitioners in this amenity provide acute medical services to their patients. They treat any type of disease that does not require a specialist. Added advantage about general practitioners in this facility is that they are open till late hours unlike specialist who are there for a limited time.

Medical Consultation Services

Cheaper consultation fee is charged on every patient in this amenity. Professional personnel in this sector prescribe drugs for certain conditions, book appointments for patients who require specialists among others. This service saves on time and cost thus more convenient in this amenity.

Radiology Services

Radiography is practised in this amenity due to facilities such as X-rays. X Ray films guide doctors in:

  • Diagnosing injuries
  • Mammography
  • Joint changes and arthritis
  • Checking symptoms that are found inside the human body

Ultrasound helps doctors to administer the right type of treatment to the patient and thus restore the healthy state.

Nursing Services

Employment of many nurses in this amenity has made treatment services be more convenient and satisfactory. Nurses help doctors in administering drugs to the patients. To add on that, they help in taking good care of patients by checking up on them severally till they are discharged.

Family Planning Services

Family planning schedules are there in this amenity. Patients are allowed to freely choose the type of contraceptives that they are comfortable with.

Also, doctors advise on the type of contraception to be consumed based on the patient’s health. Guiding and counselling is also done on young people on the dangers of too much use of contraceptives.

Laboratory Tests Services

With the aid of a big laboratory, qualified la technicians and sterilized lab equipment, Coast Provincial hospital has been able to offer laboratory services to its patients. Tests are mainly done on urine and blood and results are immediately released for the interest of time.

Psychological Services

Psychologists in this amenity offer quality services to those patients who have psychological issues such as depression. They offer guiding and counselling services that enable patients to get back to their normal state. This has led to mental health improvement in the coastal region and the community at large.

Gynaecological Services

Coast provincial general hospital offers gynaecological services which majors on the female reproductive system and their wellness in the female’s health.

Qualified gynaecologists treat sexually transmitted infections, fertility issues, cancer screening, and hormonal disorders among many more. Females are advised to go for regular check-ups in this amenity in order to ensure that they are healthy.


In conclusion, Coast provincial general hospital prioritises the health of its patients by ensuring their wellness. Also offering quality services has made the community at large to maintain high health standards. In case of an outbreak, this amenity ensures that it supplies vaccines to the residents as a way of protecting them from harm.

Don’t wait till it’s too late, visit the coast provincial hospital for treatment and regular check-up in order to be healthy and strong.

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