Cost Of A Dairy Cow In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Cost Of A Dairy Cow In Kenya Today New Market Price

Compared with other domestic animals, dairy cows are more advantageous as they tag along more benefits to the farmer and the society at large. Milk being one of the products obtained from a dairy cow is used as a raw product for a variety of finished products such as ice-creams, yoghurt, cheese, among others.

Buying a dairy cow is the best venture for you. Besides, you need to have a proper plan in maintaining your dairy cow to maximize its products. This calls for guidelines that I am going to take you through in this article.

Are you curious to know how much does a cow cost in Kenya? The cost of a dairy cow in Kenya ranges from Ksh.28,000 to Ksh.250,000. This price may vary based on the breed of the cow, age, amount of milk it produces, among others.

Types Of Dairy Cows commonly in Kenya

  • Friesian which is black and white in color.
  • Jersey cow which is relatively brown to grey to black in color.
  • Guernsey breed is brown and some white color on it.
  • Ayrshire breed which is brown and white and produces thick milk.

You may also want to know Holstein Friesian cattle price in Kenya which fetches upto Ksh.120,000. This breed is normally sold at Ksh.60,000 to Ksh. 120,000. When pregnant, this breed is sold at Ksh. 135,000 as it comes with two benefits a calf and the cow itself.

Where to Buy Dairy Cows in Kenya?

Here are some of the places where you can easily buy your dairy cow:

1.The Dairy Cattle Kenya Breeders Limited.

2.Cowsoko in Nairobi.

3.Wilsam Dairy Farm in Eldoret.

4. Kenya Livestock Breeders Association in Kiambu.

5.Gogar Farms Limited.

These places got a variety of dairy cows that you need.


To summarize, buying a dairy cow is the best option that comes with very many advantages that will benefit both you as an individual and the society. Besides, cost of maintaining a dairy cow is relatively cheaper thus affordable.

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