Cost of Colonoscopy Test in Kenya Now

Colonoscopy is used to detect abnormalities or changes in the rectum. The procedure is conducted by inserting a long flexible tube in the rectum. Since the tube always has a very tiny video camera at the tip, it allows the doctor to view inside the entire colon.

The procedure is very safe and takes about a single day to heal. Wondering how much it cost to undergo colonoscopy in Kenya?

The cost of colonoscopy test in Kenya ranges from about Ksh.20,000 up to Ksh.35,000.

The cost varies due to a variety of factors. For example whether one is covered with the insurance or not. Another reason that may lead to a variation in prices is the facility that one may decide to take the service from.

Cost of Colonoscopy in Government Hospital

Colonoscopy cost in government hospital is way cheaper as compared to a private hospital. The services at some point may be the same or different due to some factors.

The cost of colonoscopy in government hospital is estimated from as low as ksh.10,000 on average.

Colonoscopy in Kenya is conducted by highly trained and qualified personnel. The doctors who conduct the test are ever accurate and keen to prevent any occurrence of unnecessary damage of the given region.

Side Effects of Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy may however cause the following side effects;

  1. Inflammation.
  2. Tears in the colon.
  3. Heavy bleeding
  4. Severe abdominal pain.

The side effects are however not that fatal and therefore this shouldn’t prevent you  from undergoing the procedure.


From the article, you now have a clear understanding about colonoscopy. That is from it’s basic definition, procedure prices and even side effects. The cost of colonoscopy in Kenya is very affordable. Colonoscopy reduces the risk of developing cancer of the colon and therefore you should always consider going for the test should you detect any abnormalities.

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