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The main reason of conducting a DNA test in Kenya is basically to establish paternity, to deny or to obtain child support, to find a legal heir of an estate and lastly in order to apply for contact with your child. One of the methods of conducting the DNA is by collecting buccal cells using a buccal swab. Thereafter, the cells are taken to the laboratory for testing.

Wondering how much a DNA test might cause in Kenya currently? well, I have got you covered in this article, continue reading.

The cost of DNA test in Kenya ranges from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.35,000 per a single person depending on the facility where the DNA is being conducted.

Does NHIF cover DNA test in Kenya? The answer in no, NHIF does not cover the cost of conducting a DNA test in Kenya.

Hospitals That Offer DNA in Kenya

You may want to know hospitals that offer DNA test in Kenya. These are some of the hospitals among others that offer DNA test;

  1. Kenyatta National hospital.
  2. Nairobi hospital.
  3. Bioinformatics institute of Kenya.
  4. Aga Khan Hospital.

These are some of the hospitals that offer DNA tests in Kenya. The doctors are always there to ensure the tests are conducted accurately and safely.

The Cost of DNA test in Kenyatta hospital ranges from as low as ksh.10,000 to ksh.30,000. The hospital however guarantees 99% accuracy.

Kemri Dna Test Cost

The Kenya medical research institute is well known for DNA tests. It is among the trusted research institutes that perform such activities. Kemri DNA test cost about ksh.27,000 on average.

Lancet Laboratories, Kenya DNA test cost

This is a well known center for conducting DNA test in Kenya. The cost of DNA test at Lancet Laboratories is about Ksh.24,000 in total.

DNA Paternity Cost in Kenya

DNA paternity cost in Kenya is about ksh.17,500 on average. The test however depends on the hospital one has attended.

Requirements For Dna Test In Kenya

Are you looking for requirements for DNA test in Kenya. If that is the case, then you need to worry less. All you need for the DNA test in Kenya is the DNA samples from the alleged father, the mother and the child.


DNA test in Kenya can be done for several reasons as outlined in this article. Also, remember that the cost will vary depending on the type of test, i.e. the paternity test, the maternity test , sibling test and grandparents test. You can always contact your doctor for more information concerning DNA.

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