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Music is one of the things that keeps the world going. In many occasions and in most cases, music must be there. Take an example of an event, it is not easy to find an event that is taking place without music. On the other hand, people use music to conduct their businesses where the music plays a very big role in attracting customers.

Before you start playing any kind of music, the first thing you need is the musical instrument for example the guitar. The guitar play an additive role to a certain music. Having known this, how much is the cost of a guitar then?

The cost of guitar in Kenya ranges from Ksh.4,000 to Ksh.300,000 depending on the type of the guitar.

Types of Guitar and Their Prices

Electric Guitar

Are you trying to find out the cost of electric guitar in Kenya. An electric guitar cost ranges from an amount of Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000.

Bass Guitar

The cost of bass guitar in Kenya may be another point of interest to you. The cost is about Ksh.28,000. There might however be a variation in prices depending on the shop one is going to purchase from.

Box Guitar

Box guitar prices in Kenya range from Ksh.4,000 to Ksh.7,000.

Yamaha Guitar

Yamaha guitar prices in Kenya also vary. The prices go up to as high Ksh.90,000  from as low as Ksh.30,000.

Semi Acoustic Guitar

Semi acoustic guitar prices in Kenya has a range that is from Ksh.12,000 to Ksh.67,000. There is a variation of prices due to a variety of factors.

Examples of Guitars

  1. 38 inch parlor; which costs about Ksh.78,700.
  2. Zager; this costs about Ksh.293,000.
  3. ZAD50; this costs about Ksh.112,000.


Music plays a very crucial role in the life of human beings. A famous Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said that, “music is the universal language of mankind“. You can also purchase a second hand guitar. Just ensure that the price is reasonable and that the guitar is working well, you can test the guitar first before buying it.

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