Cost of Harrier in Kenya Today | New Market Price

Have you ever imagined of owning the world’s most comfortable and luxurious vehicle? If so then today is the day of transforming your dream into reality with world’s greatest machine harrier.

Harrier is a very good vehicle with the following distinctive key features;

  1. An engine capacity of 1,986 to 3,456cc.
  2. Has a fuel capacity of 72litres.
  3. Has a capacity of 5 seats.
  4. the drive type is AWD/FF.
  5. High stability on the road.
  6. Has a kerb weight of 1,600kg and a gross weight of 1875kg.

As a matter of fact, you might be interested in knowing the cost of harrier in Kenya.

Cost of Harrier in Kenya ranges from Ksh.3,000,000 to Ksh.7,000,000 on average.

The Cost of harrier new model in Kenya is however expensive as compared to the old model. This is because some modifications have been done to the new model and the specs have been upgraded. This is to mean that the current price of harrier new model in Kenya is about ksh.7,000,000 on average.

Second Hand Harrier in Kenya

Your dream of owning a harrier should not be shattered since you don’t have enough money. You can find a second hand harrier that will match your tight budget.

The cost of second hand harrier in Kenya can begin from as low as Ksh.700,000. That is a used harrier price in Kenya.


Hopefully you are now contented with the prices and the specs of Harrier. What are you waiting for? It’s now time for you to make your dreams come true. Get yourself a harrier that suits your preference now without hesitation. Have the best of luck in your purchase.

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