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Mabati (Iron Sheet) is one of the best materials in Kenya that can be used for a lot of purposes such as roofing, fencing, building walls, among others. There are different mabati companies in Kenya such as Royal mabati, Dumuzas mabati, Gal sheets, Maisha mabati, and many more that produce different types of mabati.

An added advantage of mabati is that they are very cheap compared to other roofing materials thus affordable for any citizen in the country.

The cost of mabati in Kenya ranges from Ksh.448 to Ksh.2, 000 per square meter. Mabati prices vary depending on the quality and the gauge of the mabati. Different types of mabatis have different prices as shown below:

Ordinary Mabati

Ordinary mabati can be used for various purposes. The cost of ordinary mabati in Kenya ranges from Ksh.450 to Ksh.800 in a local hardware outlet.

Roofing Mabati

The cost of roofing mabati in Kenya ranges from Ksh.900 to Ksh.1, 600 depending on the type that one is interested in.

Colored Mabati

We also have colored mabati in Kenya which makes buildings look so attractive and appealing. The cost of colored mabati in Kenya ranges from Ksh.760 to Ksh.1, 200 per square meter.

Box Profile Mabati

Perhaps, you may also want to be aware of the cost of box profile mabati in Kenya which is an average of ksh.455 per meter.

Gal Sheet

Another type is the gal sheet that many people like due to its ability of not rusting easily. Price of gal sheet mabati in Kenya is roughly Ksh.800 per meter in local hardware.

Reject Mabati

You may also wish to know the price of reject mabati in Kenya which is Ksh.300 per piece. This is one of the cheapest types of mabatis in Kenya.

Maisha Mabati

Maisha mabati is also another type of mabati used by the common mwanainchi. The price of Maisha mabati Kenya is averagely Ksh.2, 200. This is one of the most expensive mabatis due to its long-lasting durability.

Dumuzas Mabati

This is also durable. The cost of dumuzas mabati Kenya is basically ksh.1000


Having known the various cost of mabati in Kenya, you are therefore in the right position to choose the type of mabati you are interested in based on the amount of money that you have. Mabatis in Kenya are highly appreciated by society and also the country at large. Mabati is in demand making it a profitable business in Kenya.

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