Cost of Mazda Axela in Kenya | New Market Price

Mazda is a well-known vehicle company. It is famously known due to the fact that it produces the best cars. Mazda is among the best vehicle that is ranked worldwide. Mazda Axela for instance is among the highest-selling type and models of Mazda.

Mazda Axela is well known for its good shape and road stability. In addition, it is made in a way that it has 5 comfortable seats to suit the user. It comes in a variety of colors according to the preference of the buyer.

The cost of Mazda Axela in Kenya is estimated to be about Ksh. 2,280,000 to Ksh. 2,720,000 on average.

The New Mazda Axela price in  Kenya is Ksh.2,720,000. The new Mazda Axela uses petrol and is energy saving. The price for a second-hand Mazda Axela ranges from Ksh.600,000 to about Ksh.800,000 on average.

Distinctive Features of Mazda Axela

Mazda Axela possesses some unique features that other cars do not have. Here are a few examples of these features:

  1. The vehicle has an engine capacity of 1496cc to 2260cc. This means that it is very strong and powerful
  2. It has a fuel consumption of 10km/L-30km/L. Isn’t it fuel saving? well, the answer is yes.
  3. It has a maximum power of 99ps to 264ps.
  4. Uses Petrol.
  5. It has a carrying capacity of 5.


To wind up, Mazda Axela is one of the best cars you can purchase. You can either go for a second-hand or a brand new model depending on your funds. The vehicle has the advantage of fuel-saving thus very economical. If this has always been your dream car, then you have all the reasons to go out there and get it. Good luck!

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