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Mazda Demio is one of the most preferred vehicles by a variety of people. This is due to its stunning features. As compared to other vehicles, the vehicle has a very good shape that is attractive. In addition, the interior is made in a way that gives you the comfortability that you deserve. It has a carrying capacity of 5 spacious and comfortable sits.

The cost of Mazda Demio in Kenya ranges from Ksh.1,500,000 to about Ksh.2,500,000 depending on the model.

Mazda Demio new model price in Kenya is an average of Ksh.2,500,000 and has more additional and stunning features as compared to other models.

Key Features of Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio has special features that make it stand out a chance of being selected by a buyer. Some of the special features include:

  1. Has a capacity of 5.
  2. Little maintenace cost.
  3. Weight reduction.
  4. Has Engine capacity of 1,2998cc
  5. Has a tank capacity of about 41 litres.
  6. Fuel consumption of 24.60km/L.

Second Hand Mazda Demio Price in Kenya

At times you may be willing to buy a brand new model Mazda Demio yet your funds may not be enough. No more need to worry as you can get a used Mazda Demio that is perfectly in good condition at a lower price. A used Mazda Demio price ranges from Ksh.300,000 to Ksh.700,000 on average.

Mazda Demio Hire Purchase Price in Kenya

Just like any other expensive product, Mazda Demio can also be bought on hire purchase. This form of purchase is done if one isn’t able to purchase in immediate cash. Mazda Demio’s hire purchase price in Kenya starts with a quick deposit of Ksh.150,000 and a monthly pay from Ksh.14,000.


I hope you have gotten a piece of clear information concerning the Mazda Demio price that aligns well with your finances. If you have always had a dream of getting yourself a Mazda Demio then you should do it without hesitation. You can choose your own mode of payment according to your preference. Enjoy!

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