Cost of Motorbike in Kenya | Best Motorbikes & Their Prices

The invention of motorbikes has helped in supplementing other modes of transportation like automobiles, trains, and airplanes, among others. Motorbikes have a fascinating history of being both a faster and cheaper mode of transportation. Motorbikes, unlike vehicles, may pass on any road, making it even more flexible.

Do you want to buy a motorbike in Kenya? If yes, then this article is definitely meant for you. Needless to say, it is important to have a proper cash plan so as to have sufficient funds to buy a motorbike in Kenya.

The cost of a motorbike in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 87,000 to Ksh. 6,000,000 for a brand new motorbike. This price difference is based on the type of the motorcycle, brand, and model, among others.

Best Motorbikes in Kenya & Their Prices

Here are some of the best motorbikes available in Kenya and their respective prices.

1. TVS

There are various types of motorbikes in Kenya, one of them being the TVS. TVS is commonly used by ordinary Mwanainchi since it is affordable.

The cost of a TVS motorbike in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 98,000,000 to Ksh. 409,000 for a brand new motorbike. TVS motorbike prices in Kenya vary widely based on the model of the motorcycle, with new models being more expensive.

2. Boxer

You may also wish to know more about the boxer. The Boxer is an outstanding motorcycle model that is highly known for its speed due to its good engine.

The cost of a boxer motorcycle in Kenya is typically Ksh. 115,000 for a brand new model that was recently released. The Boxer motorcycle price in Kenya may vary from one dealer to another, although with a slight price difference.

3. BMW

Perhaps you are interested in having a BMW motorcycle but you have no idea how much it costs.

The cost of BMW motorbike in Kenya is averagely Ksh. 375,000. This is the price for a new model BMW motorbike that has an upgraded technology.

4. Honda

Honda is also another motorcycle in Kenya that is commonly known for its diversity and superiority when it comes to speed. Honda motorbike prices are quite affordable.

The cost of a Honda motorcycle in Kenya is typically Ksh. 140,000 for a brand new model.

5. Electric Motorbikes

Electric motorbikes are now in Kenya, and they mainly use electricity to maneuver and are in high demand.

The cost of an electric motorbike in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 158,000 to as high as Ksh. 4,500,000.

6. Ranger

Ranger motorbikes are also common in the country and are used by the majority of people as they maintain low fuel consumption, thus saving on costs.

The cost of a ranger motorbike in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 120,000 for a brand new automatic motorbike.

7. Captain

Also, captain motorcycles are very unique as they have improved technology and an appealing exterior, which makes them even more riveting.

The cost of captain motorcycle in Kenya range from Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh. 168,000 depending on the model.

Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

You may also be interested in knowing that the cost of motorcycle insurance in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 50,000 per annum depending on the insurance company that you select.

Cost of Motorcycle Importation

Perhaps you want to be aware of the cost of importing a motorcycle into Kenya.

The cost of importing a motorbike into Kenya starts from Ksh. 400,000 to Ksh. 800,000 depending on the country you are importing from.

Motorcycle Dealers

New motorbikes for sale in Kenya can be found at the motorcycle dealers in Kenya at affordable prices. Such dealers are:

  • Eagle Motorcycle Limited.
  • Everlast motorcycles.
  • Sonlink motorcycles and spares.
  • Motoradv Kenya.
  • Beth motorcycle dealer.

I believe you have learned more about the various types of motorbikes and their prices here in Kenya. I wish you luck as you purchase the motorcycle of your choice.

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