Cost of Renewing Driving License in Kenya Right Now

A driving license gives you a legal authorization for you to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles on a public tarmac road. One obtains a driving license after undergoing training and the National Transport and Safety Authority ( NTSA) has confirmed the competence in order to create sanity in our roads.

Other than that, a driving license needs to be renewed after a while so that police and other enforcement agencies can have a clear picture of you and your upgraded driving license.

This brings us to knowing the driving license renewal charges so as to avoid being overcharged and also have a proper plan of finances.

The cost of renewing driving license in Kenya ranges from Ksh.600 to Ksh. 1,400 plus an additional Ksh.50 for convenience fee by the NTSA.

NTSA Driving License Renewal Charges

NTSA driving license renewal charges have a difference due to the two options for driving license renewal which you must know.

  1. A three year driving license renewal which costs Ksh.1,400.
  2. A one year driving license renewal which costs Ksh.600.

These are the two options and you can choose the one that you are comfortable with.

How to Renew a Smart Driving License in Kenya

Are you wondering how to renew a smart driving license in Kenya? Well, here is the step that will guide you through the process of driving license renewal:

  1. Log in to the NTSA portal or eCitizen portal with your email or password.
  2. Select online renewal of the driving license for the NTSA.
  3. Press submit application for the driving license.
  4. Select the option for renewal whether a three year or one year renewal option.
  5. Confirm your driving license renewal details to avoid inconveniences.
  6. Select your suitable method of payment.
  7. Printing of your renewal driving license slip.

The driving license renewal process is as easy as that.


Renew your driving license today in the eCitizen portal or NTSA portal and enjoy the self-service that it offers. Remember, you cannot drive on a public road with an expired driving license.

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