How To Apply For Driving Licence Online in Kenya Easily

How To Apply For Driving Licence Online in Kenya Easily

A driving licence is a document that legally authorizes you to drive a motor vehicle.

NTSA stand for National Transport and Safety Authority. NTSA is a body in the Kenyan government that ensures enforcement of road safety decrees and regulations.

The Kenyan government does not allow individuals under the age of 16 years to drive motor vehicles of any kind at all. Lest the be taken to a court of law.

Apply For Driving Licence Online

Here are simple steps on how to apply for driving licence online in Kenya:

Step 1: Log in to the eCitizen website. You will be required to provide your email address or your National ID Number and password in order to access the online portal.

Step 2: Select the National Transport and Safety Authority tab

Step 3: Go to driving licence application.

Step 4: Fill in the space with correct personal details and submit.  ie Test drive booking type, Licenced Test Drive Booking Number

Step 5: You will be required to make a payment of approximately Ksh. 650 as the application fee. (The directives on how to pay will be directed on your screen). Either mobile money and debit transfers can be used.

Step 5: You can print the NTYSA Interim Driving Licence as you wait for the Driving licence.

Step 6: Wait after 14 working days, NTSA will summon you through a text message or email on how to collect your licence.

Step 7: You must physically avail yourself a the NTSA offices and proof identity and ownership of the driving lisence.

NTSA Smart Driving License Application

A smart driving license is a digital driving license was improvised in 2018 to replace the red booklet.

Bellow are leading steps on how you can apply for the NTSA Smart driving license application

Step 1: Log in NTSA website portal

Step 2: Go to Driving Licence tab on the top navigation bar

Step 3: Click on ‘Apply for Smart DL’ button

Step 4: Enter your personal details including your your ID number, phone number, KRA PIN and blood group to book for an appointment at the NTSA offices

Step 5: Make a payment of Ksh 3,050 to apply for a smart driving licence which will be valid for 3 years.

Step 6: Select an appointment Centre along with the date and time you would wish to reserve in the NTSA Offices.

Step 7: Print the appointment slip

Step 8: Visit the NTSA office chosen and verify your details on TIMS with an NTSA officer. The officer in charge will ensure, your passport photo, signature and fingerprints will be recorded.

Step 9: You will be notified by SMS when to collect your new driving license.

New Driving License Kenya Deadline

The Kenyan government through NTSA came up with a new generation driving licence in 2018. The original intention was to outdo the red booklet.

After some time of trial all the driver were subjected to apply for the new driving licence and the deadline of application was set to be 1st July 2020.

Thus, if by now you do not have the new driving license, kindly make application.

Always have a plan to renew your licence before the expiry date.


Know how to apply for driving licence online in Kenya, to avoid getting at longer heads the law. Always ensure use the correct personal details during NTSA Smart driving license application, to avoid inconveniences. I hope you find this article satisfactory.

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