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The Toyota V8 in Kenya is the most popular Toyota SUV vehicle that most Kenyans dream of. It is highly admired by people due to its outstanding durability and reliability. There are older model V8 cars on the roads.

If you want to have a luxurious ride, then the V8 is the best option for you. This is due to its off-road capability and advanced technology.

Are you looking for the cost of a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 in Kenya? In this article, I am going to take you through the cost of a Toyota V8 in Kenya.

The cost of a V8 in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 6,000,000 to Ksh. 20,000,000. The cost of a land cruiser V8 highly differs based on technology, model, among others.

You may also be interested in knowing the cost of the Lexus V8 in Kenya, which is an average of Ksh. 9,000,000 for a new model. Due to the advancement of technology, it is quite expensive.

Perhaps you want to know the most expensive V8 in Kenya? The most expensive V8 in Kenya is the Toyota Land Cruiser V8. It costs an average of Ksh. 18,000,000.

Second Hand V8 Price in Kenya

You may not have sufficient funds to buy a new V8, so a second-hand V8 might be a good option. A used V8 for sale in Mombasa may be a good idea for you.

Second-hand Toyota V8 prices range from Ksh. 2,000,000 to Ksh. 6,000,000 depending on the current state of the car and model, among other factors.

Key Features of a V8

  1. An engine type, 8 cylinders.
  2. Automatic transmission.
  3. It uses petrol.
  4. Four-wheel drive type.
  5. 18” machined aluminum wheels.

These are some special features that make the V8 an outstanding car in Kenya.


To sum up, the V8 is the best car for you since it offers superb rides. Besides, it can be used on any road in Kenya, making it more advantageous.

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