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Equity bank Kenya is one of the leading financial services providers in Kenya. Equity customer care numbers are 2, one number universal Equity Bank contact is used to communicate from the bank to the customer. The other number is used by the customer communicating to Equity Bank Kenya.

Equity Bank Kenya customer care is very responsive to your inquiries and can be of great help if you have ready Equity Bank contacts to use when needed. You only need the correct equity customer care number Kenya to get helped.

Equity Customer Care Calling From Equity Bank Kenya To Customer

Equity Bank Customer Care Number is 076300000

Note that this number is used by Equity Bank to contact you as the customer or external shareholder.

Equity Bank customer care number 076300000 is the number that you can be contacted by Equity Bank. Equity Bank contact number is universal for both customers and external shareholders. Please note that any number that is calling you claiming to be from Equity Bank and is not the one listed above is not legit.

Avoid receiving calls from con-men if the caller purports to be calling your from Equity Bank yet the number is not matching the above Equity customer care number. Similarly, all messages coming from Equity Bank are the message sender name as EQUITY.

Any messages coming with random number and is not EQUITY purporting to give you some help or reporting an issue, just ignore or block the number. In the instance there is need to be contacted, EQUITY bank will call you via a call with the number 0763000000.

Customer Calling Equity Bank Customer Care

Equity Bank Customer Care Number is 0763063000

Note that this number YOU use to contact Equity Bank as a customer or external shareholder when you need to communicate with Equity customer care.

Checking behind your ATM card if you can access it, Equity customer care number 0763063000 is clearly written for you to use when you need help from Equity Bank.

Some instance you may need help include:

  • Lost your Card eg VISA, MasterCard etc
  • Stolen Card
  • Transaction problems such as transaction failed
  • General inquiries such as loans among others

Equity customer care offers the Equity bank 24/7 services. Whichever time you need help from Equity Bank, feel free to call the number since someone will pick your phone within the shortest time possible.

Please note that Equity customer care number Kenya is 0763063000. Irrespective of the county you are residing in, that Equity customer care number is universal.

That means that whether you are looking for Equity Bank customer care number Nairobi, Kitui, Eldoret, Bungoma, Turkana, or whichever county, use the Equity Bank phone number 0763063000 to speak to Equity Bank customer care.

Equity Bank contact number was made universal from 24th August 2020. The decision of having Equity Bank contacts being universal came about during the rebranding process.  Communication across customers as well as external shareholders use a similar outgoing or incoming Equity customer care number.  

Equity Bank Kenya Online Banking

In the instance you encounter a challenge online perhaps when using the Equity online banking services, you can still speak to Equity Bank Kenya customer care.

The Equity bank 24/7 customer service makes it reliable to online customers who may be using Equity services late in the night. Worry not. You can still get a live call help from Equity bank even in the wee hours of the night.

Eazzy banking customer care number is 0763063000. Email: info@equitel.com

The above Equity Bank contacts are universally used whether you are Equity customer care number Nairobi, or whichever county.

Ways To Avoid Fraudsters Impersonating Equity Customer Care

  1. Equity bank communication number is universal and transparent. Now you know it.
  2. Equity bank Kenya customer care will not ask you sensitive questions such as PIN or Password. Note that identification process will be conducted to identify you and questions such as your full names, ID number, where you opened your account, or any other questions except PIN and Password.
  3. If you receive a suspicious call, disconnect the call immediately. You can reach Equity Bank for clarification.

Wrap Up

Finally, you may realize that Equity customer care contacts Kenya is universal and is 0763063000. Get help any time you need the help by call the right Equity Bank contacts. Also, note that when Equity bank is contacting you, they also use a universal number 0763000000 irrespective of the bank being from Equity customer care Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Moyale, or whichever county you are in. 

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