Farm Manager Salary In Kenya | New Evergreen Career

Farm Manager Salary In Kenya | New Evergreen Career

Farm managers are essential profession in the agricultural sector to ensure the success of the business. Agribusiness has really developed in Kenya earning more incomes to farmers as it is done on both national and international levels.

Agribusiness has also helped in the growth of Kenya’s economy as it provides foreign exchange to the country due to exports of agricultural products.

 Large scale farms are managed by farm managers who help to control the farming, harvesting and transporting activities in the farm.

So, how much should a farm manager be paid? A highly experienced large scale farm manager salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.415,000 per month including all the allowances. For the farm manager to command such a high salary ought to have at least 1-4 years experienced in managing a large farm successfully.

Farm Manager Jobs In Agriculture

Many large scale farmers are looking for farm managers who will control activities in their farms. Below are some of the vacant positions that one can secure:

1. Farm Manager-Corporate staffing Nairobi.

2. Farm Manager-Coveted Human Resource Service Ltd.

3. Farm Assistant Supervisor-Corporate staffing Nairobi.

4. Product manager-Apollo Agriculture.

5. Farm General Manager-Summit Recruitment & Research.

6. Farm Manager-Nuts and Oils International.

7. Charcoal and farm manager-Kloverharris Limited.

8. Farm manager-Isinya in Kakamega.

Dairy Farm Manager Jobs In Kenya

Dairy farms produce dairy milk in large quantities. If you desire to manage such farms consider seeking job at:

a. Farm Manager-Agricum Limited.

b.  Supervisor-Corporate Staffing Service Ltd.

Farm Manager Vacancy

Farm manager vacancy that one can apply can include:

1. Farm General Manager-Summit Recruitment Search.

2. Farm Manager-Corporate staffing, Mombasa.

3. Farm Manager-Gap Recruitment Services.

4. Roses farm manager -Nairobi.

5. Farm Manager-Kenya Baraka College Farm.

6. Poultry Farm Manager-Corporate Services, Nyeri.

7. Hydroponic Farm Manager-Corporate Staffing Services, Nairobi.

8. Coffee Farm Manager in Kiambu.

8. Gap Recruitment farm manager (Isinya)-Nairobi.

9. School Farm Manager Jobs


Farm manager jobs in Kenya are so many providing variety of  job opportunities to Kenyans. Also, farm manager is a high paying job that many have not discovered. A little secret is here for one to become more successful in life in terms of monthly income.

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