General Agriculture Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

General Agriculture Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Agriculture is one of the upcoming businesses in the current century that earns more income to both farmers and the country at large. This is due to its outrageous supply leading to marketing of goods within and outside the country’s boundaries.

Exporting of Agricultural products earns the country foreign exchange making it benefit more from Agribusiness.

What is the starting salary for Agriculture? The starting salary for Agriculture is an average of Ksh.70,000 per month. The salary increases when the Agricultural business picks up by supplying enough agricultural products to the market and exhausting them at a given time duration.

Marketability Of Agriculture In Kenya

Questions arising based on Agriculture includes, Is Agriculture marketable in Kenya? Yes, Agriculture is highly marketable in Kenya because agriculture produces food which is one of the major basic needs among human beings. You can sell your agricultural produce locally or export abroad.

Besides,, the demand for agricultural produce is always high throughout the year for more sales and profits.

Also, there are counties in Kenya which are dry thus agriculture cannot take place. This calls upon one specializing in Agribusiness that supply’s agricultural products to these counties earning more salary per month due to minimum market competition in this field.

General Agriculture Jobs In Kenya

Various job opportunities have risen in this field.Such vacant positions include:

1. Sales Agronomist-Lachlan Kenya Limited.

2. Farm Manager-Coveted Human Resource Service Limited.

3. Senior Data Scientist-Apollo Agriculture.

4. Data Analyst-Apollo Agriculture.

5. Agronomist job-Twiga Kenya.

6. Farm Manager-Kitale National Polytechnic.

7. Finance Team Assistant-Apollo Agriculture, Nairobi.

8. Project Assistant for forest and farm facility programme-Food and Agriculture Organization, Nairobi.

9. Farmer Field Officer- Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

10. Kenya Macadamia Production coordinator-Kenya farm.

 11. Field Officers-Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KPLA).

12. Agriculture Field Manager -Equity Kenya.

13. Farm supervisor-Aldai TTI.

14. Farm supervisor- Limited Liability Company.

You can apply as early as now and get a job that will sustain your future.


General Agriculture is worth focusing on as its rewards are easily recognizable. Secure a better future by pursuing an Agricultural related course and enjoy the benefits that tags along.

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