Fashion Designer Salary In Kenya | New Lucrative Career

Fashion Designer Salary In Kenya | New Lucrative Career

Fashion designing is a job opportunity in Kenya that has not been fully utilized in Kenya. Many citizens have not unleashed this job opportunity yet it has more money.

Also, fashion designer job is on high demand as many people love dressing up in classy unique clothes and shoes.

Fashion designers in Kenya are to be recognized as their efforts have helped each individual meet the basic need of clothing among other needs.

What is the salary in fashion designing? The Starting salary for a fashion designer in Kenya is Ksh.45,000 and more experienced fashion designer whose works is a perfection can command a salary f Ksh. 121,000 per month as they attract high end clients such as celebrities.

Graphic Designer Salary In Kenya

Graphic designers have specialized in graphic arts and they assemble images together to come up with a certain design.

 How much is a graphic designer paid in Kenya? Graphic designer salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.138,000 per month including all allowances.

Fashion Designer Qualifications

To qualify in this field, you need to:

1. Have a good eye in selecting and combining the best color and shape for clothes.

2. Have pattern cutting and sewing skills.

3. Be able to spot fashion trends.

4. Have relevant higher education such as degree in fashion and design.

5. Be good in designing practicals.

6. Be self discipline and determined.

Fashion Designing Training Schools In Kenya

Kenya has vary many schools that have mainly specialized in offering fashion designing skills to students and grooming them to become competent fashion designers in future. These institutions are:

a. Mcensal School of Fashion and Design.

b. Evelyn College of Design.

c. Delight Tailoring Fashion & Design.

d. Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts.

e. Vera Beauty and Fashion College.

f. Intrinsic Falconry Fashions.

g. Mefa Institute of Designs.

h. Africa Digital Media Institute

Fashion Design Jobs In Kenya

There are various job opportunities that are advised in many social media platforms.

These jobs include:

1. Fashion Design Instructor-Beacon of Hope vocational Training Institute.

2. Fashion and design lecturer-East Africa Institute of Certified Studies.

3. Fashion Design-Baringo county public service Board.

4. Vocational Training  Centre Instructor -Fashion design (2)-Baringo County Public Service Board.

5. Fashion Design Operations Manager -Kilimani,Nairobi.

6. Start your own fashion line store and be self-employed.


In the final analysis, fashion designing is a high paying job that is underrated in Kenya yet it has more salary per month. Enroll today in the fashion and design learning institutions and pursue the course which takes a minimum duration to complete.

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