Interior Design Salary In Kenya | New Payment Update

Interior Design Salary In Kenya | New Payment Update

Interior design is a unique multi-faceted profession where creativity and technical solutions are applied in a structure to come up with a built interior environment that is aesthetically attractive. Interior design enhances life quality and culture of the society at large.

An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects.

Interior design salary in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.78,000 to as high as Ksh.250,980 per month including all allowances such as medical allowances, housing allowances, travelling allowances, among others.

Bachelor of interior design salary in Kenya highly vary depending on the skills, work experience and education level. Thus, interior design course can be a high paying job for you when you deserve the pay.

Interior Designer Charges For Service

How much do interior designers charge in Kenya?  Interior designers charge Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.10,000 per square feet for only designing only. When other products such as ceiling, wardrobes and kitchen equipment, the charges rises up to Ksh.30,000 depending on the interior designer.

Cost of interior design in Kenya is charged based on space and inclusiveness of other products such as furniture, ceiling, among others.

Are you stranded about ‘how much should I pay for an interior decorator? ‘ Here is the solution. Interior decorator charges Ksh.1000-5,000 for the design only per square foot while ksh.25,000-30,000 if other products such as carpentry are involved.

How much do interior designers charge per room? Interior designers charge an approximation of Ksh.50,000 excluding furniture. Also, the charges can carry due to the room size and the components found in that room.

Highest Paid Interior Designer

Are curious to know who is the highest paid interior designer? The highest paid interior designer is Gensler Jacobs who works for a large firm for interior designers. He takes home millions of money per month.

Marketability Of Interior Design In Kenya

Is interior design marketable in Kenya? Yes, interior design is highly marketable in Kenya as designing services are on demand due to the availability of new built houses in Kenya.

One of the arising questions about interior design is ‘is interior design a good career?’ Yes. Interior design is a good career that is worth studying and gaining knowledge as its rewards are high monthly salaries with many allowances.

Interior Designers In Nairobi Nairobi

Some of the popular interior designers in Nairobi include:

1. Prime House Interiors Limited.

2. Interior Designers in Nairobi-Classical Designers.

3. EI Interior Designers.

4. Mihaka Optimum Interiors.

5. Jayfix Designs.

6. Africana Interiors.

7. Wallpaper Kenya.

8. Planning Interiors limited

Interior design living room Kenya can be done by these companies as well as they have unique designing features.

Kitchen Interior Designers In Kenya

These designers have specialized in designing kitchens. They include:

a. Kitchen and Office Interiors Limited.

b. Prime House Interiors  Limited.

c. LC Interiors-Gypsum ceiling designs in Kenya.

d. Streamline Designs.

e. Opalkitchen (Exen limited).

f. Foresight Interiors.


Interior Design makes dreams come true for people with passion in interior designing. This is facilitated by the commission, allowances and basic salaries that they earn on a Monthly basis.

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