High School Principal Salary In Kenya | Most Recent

High School Principal Salary In Kenya | Most Recent

You desire to know high school principal salary in Kenya? You are in the right place as I have the most recent payslip for high school principal.

High school principals are the highest ranking administrators and ensure that the institutions run smoothly as they are in control over everything. Principals are assisted by the deputy principals in running the school.

How much is a school principle paid in Kenya has been the viral question that is asked by many individuals in all social media platforms. High school principal salary per month ranges from Ksh. 118,000 to Ksh. 158,000. This salary caters for all the allowances and the basic salary hence answering the above question.

Deputy Principle Salary In Kenya

Deputy principals offer a first-hand assistance to the main administrators(principals). Apart from assisting the principal, they also exercise leadership and motivational role in the institution.

High school deputy principle salary in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 77,000 and Ksh. 92,245 per month.

This salary also increases with time till it reaches its highest.

High School Principal Allowances

One of the benefits of being a principal is that there are very many allowances given to you by the Teachers Service Commission(TSC). These allowances include:

  • House allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Commuter allowance
  • Hardship allowance
  • Leave allowance

These allowances are given on certain amounts depending on the type of school which the principal managing.

Highest Paid High School Principle In Kenya

Principal Casper Maina is the highest paid high school principal in Kenya. He is the Nairobi School principal who takes home an average of Ksh. 157,656 per month. This is due to his good management which is visible since students in this school perform to their level best.

High School Teachers Payment Based On Job Group

Job Group K Teachers Salary In Kenya is the entry level for teachers with a degree.

Job Group K teachers earn an average basic salary of Ksh. 41,590 per month. This figure includes the basic salary and all the allowances.

Job Group L Teachers Salary In Kenya is about Ksh. 45,800 per month as the basic salary

Job Group M Teachers Salary In Kenya is about Ksh. 55,840 per month as the basic salary


Education is one of the basic careers that results to other careers. Also, it is the only career that one receives the monthly salary even when schools are closed. This added advantage makes the majority choose Education over other careers.

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