Salary Of A Primary Teacher In Kenya | Now

Salary Of A Primary Teacher In Kenya | Now

You may be interested in knowing the salary of a primary teacher in Kenya, the current salary, now that teaching is one of the basic career in the universe.

It is through teaching that other professions come into being. Teaching begins from the lowest level such as primary school level to the highest level such as universities and colleges.

Primary teacher salary in Kenya depends on the education level of the teacher, experience and also the working environment whether public or private.

The starting salary for primary school teachers who are employed by the Teachers Service Commission is Ksh. 27,000. This teacher salary in Kenya is inclusive of the commuter allowance which is Ksh. 5,000 per month.

 P1 Teacher Salary

P1 teachers did Certificate in Primary Teacher Education that mainly train students to become primary teachers.

Salary forP1 teachers in Kenya who have been employed by the Teachers Service Commission(TSC) is roughly Ksh. 17,000 per month.

Salary Of A Diploma Primary Teacher In Kenya

Some primary teachers are diploma holders in teaching. This helps Teachers Service Commission to determine the salary of a teacher in Kenya who has a diploma.

Monthly salary of aPrimary teacher in Kenya who has a diploma in teaching ranges between Ksh. 25,000-Ksh. 35,000.

Graduate Teacher Salary In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission(TSC) mainly employs teachers who have graduated either in certificate, diploma, degree, masters or even PHD.

A Teacher salary in Kenya who has graduated ranges from as low as Ksh. 15,000-Ksh. 75,000 based on the experience and the qualifications.

Private School Teacher Salary In Kenya

Private education sector has also helped in chipping in the Education projects in Kenya. Here, primary school teacher salary depends mainly on the education level and the amount that the Board of Management can afford to pay.

Basic salaryofa teacher in Kenya mainly in the private sector earns an average of Ksh. 40,000.


Teachers Service Commission ensures the wellness of all primary teachers in their respective locations. It also ensures that the basic salary of teacher in Kenya of a p1 is paid on time including all the allowances.

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