How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport In Kenya | New Updates

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport In Kenya | New Updates

Passports are very important when it comes to traveling to foreign countries. Basically, a passport is used to verify one’s citizenship. The passport contains the name, date of birth, gender, photo, and physical characteristics. A passport plays a very key role since it is used to gain entry into a country.  In most cases, diplomats and government officials are granted different passports from regular travelers.

It takes at least 10 working days to get your first passport in Kenya. This is after you have physically submitted the forms to the immigration office.

Cost of Passport in Kenya

Cost of acquiring a passport in Kenya is affordable. However, this depends if your passport is an ordinary one or a diplomatic one.

The Cost of getting a passport in Kenya varies depending on the type of passport one is taking and the price can range from Ksh.4,550 to ksh.7,550.

Passport Application Kenya Requirements

Are you trying to find out Passport application Kenya requirements. Well you will need an original birth certificate, a copy of the national ID, a filled application form and 2 paid invoices.

E passport application Kenya requirements include; original birth certificate and a photo copy of it, an e citizen passport form, and three current passport sized photo.

Furthermore, you need to complete a form with your details. Passport application form Kenya are available either online that is in the immigration official website or physically at their offices.

Types of Passports in Kenya

The main types of passports in Kenya include:

  1. Diplomatic passport
  2. Temporary passport
  3. A special passport.

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How To Get A Passport In Kenya

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