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Among the best businesses one can decide to venture in is an hotel business. This type of business has always been known to be profitable since people have to eat on a daily basis. The only thing you have to do is to locate a strategic place for your business.

For instance, you can decide to set up a fast food hotel by the roadside where there is a lot of movement. This is one one of the booming business in Kenya. There is an assurance in that case that you will sell in large amounts.

The business should however have a license as a symbol of its legality. With the license, the goods sold are certified by the government.

The cost of hotel license in Kenya is at least Ksh.6,000 for a small hotel and can go as high as Ksh.27,000 for big villas.

How to Apply for Hotel License

Having known the cost, how then do you apply for hotel license in Kenya? Well, here is a simple procedure to follow:

Step 1 : Apply for the hotel license.

Step 2 : Pay hotel license fee.

Step 3 : Submit the payment receipt.

Step 4 : Inspection of the premises is conducted.

Step 5 : Obtaining the hotel license.

Above are the 5 simple steps of applying for a hotel license.


By now you understand some of the basic concepts about hotel licensing. With a valid license and a good strategic place, you are able to run your hotel business smoothly. I hope that this review was of great importance. If you need to take a hotel license then nothing should stop you since you will be doing it for the better.

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