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DSTV has the best TV series, dramas, telenovelas, documentaries, sports, wildlife, and animations. Since the introduction of DSTV, a greater number of consumers have been able to make purchases. To demonstrate how much consumers value DSTV Kenya services, they have been able to renew their subscription just after it has expired. DSTV is available in different packages, each with its own set of subscriptions. 

Do you wish to buy DSTV packages but are unsure about the cost? That is the question of how much DSTV packages cost in Kenya. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The cost of DSTV packages in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 1,050 to Ksh. 8,400. 

DSTV Packages Available in Kenya

DSTV Family Package

The DSTV family package in Kenya is the most preferred and used package. This is because it has a lot of interesting and amazing content that will suit the family. Subscribe to the DSTV family package today and enjoy the latest family entertainment. 

A DSTV family package costs an average of Ksh. 1,400. 

DSTV Access Package

The cost of a DSTV access package is Ksh. 1,050 on average. The DSTV access channel list in Kenya has got you covered in both sports, entertainment, kid shows, news, and music, among others. 

DSTV Compact Package

The DSTV Compact is one of the best DSTV packages. You may want to be in a position to know how much DSTV compact is in Kenya.

The DSTV compact price is about Ksh. 2,800. DSTV compact channels in Kenya include; general, sports, entertainment, music, movies, kids, news and commerce. 

DSTV Explora

You may be interested in knowing how much DSTV explora costs in Kenya. DSTV explora is a bit costly because of its superb quality and features.

DSTV Explora comes at an average price starting from Ksh.9,999.

Premium Package

You might be wondering how much DSTV premium is in Kenya. Well, DSTV premium costs about Ksh. 8,400 per subscription. 


I hope that you now have crystal clear information on DSTV packages and their respective costs. Subscribe to a package of your choice and enjoy DSTV benefits. 

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