TV Stations In Kenya And Their Owners | New List

TV Stations In Kenya And Their Owners | New List

Televisions are the upcoming news and entertainment devices that almost three quarters of the families in Kenya own.

Televisions display their contents on the screen thus a more efficient source of information worldwide.

Kenya has various TV stations that are owned by different people that play vital roles in:

1. Educational Programs that help children in learning skills.

2. News that update Kenyan citizens on news within and outside the country.

3. Entertainment Programs.

4. Cultural programs such as music, among others.

TV Stations In Kenya And Their Owners

TV stations in Kenya and their owners are as follows:

KTN News and KTN Home owner is Joshua Kulei.

KASS TV owner is Joshua Chepkwony.

BBC  owner is British Government.

TAMA TV owner is Dan Aceda.

Destiny TV owner is Kiogora Magambo.

Family TV owner is Leo Slingerland.

Sayare TV owner is Eli Rop.

Weekly Citizen owner is Tom Alwaka.

Mt.Kenya TV owner is Peter Njagi.

Citizen TV and Inooro TV (Royal Media Services) owner is Samuel Kamau Macharia.

Pang TV Stations In Kenya

PANG or SIGNET TV stations are the television stations that are free to air. You can watch it free as long as you can access the TV digital signal

You may also be interested in knowing Pang TV Stations in Kenya which include:

1. Akili kids.

2. Inooro Tv.

3. NTV.

4. Citizen Tv.

5. KTN News.

6. KTN Home.

7. 3 Stone Tv.

8. CGTN Africa.

9. K24.

10. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Online TV Stations In Kenya

Online TV Stations simply means that one can stream live in their devices such as iPads, mobile phones, laptops, among others.

You only require internet connection to watch online TV.

Online platform is very helpful since you don’t require the television for you to watch.

Sometimes, your family might be watching something different that you don’t want at the moment, online streaming will help you watch without disturbing the majority in your family.

Online TV Stations in Kenya include:

1. Kenya TV Network (KTN).

2. Citizen TV.

3. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

4. Sayare TV.

5. National TV (NTV).

6. Kenya TV (K24).

7. Ebru TV.

8. Switch TV.

9. CGTN Africa.

Stream live wherever you are and enjoy your favorite TV shows in these TV stations.


In  summary, televisions stations have made life more interesting and educative unlike the pre-industrial era where there were no televisions to watch.

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